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Akiba believes in Solay Salt Lamps for health, energy and more...

The first time I saw a Salt Lamp, I knew they were special. I had a gift shop in Tampa, Florida, and a supplier, a man I was very fond of, his wares were as nice as his personality, brought one in for me to see.  I loved it so much I convinced him to leave it with me for a time. At that time the Salt Lamps were *very* expensive, the one he had retailed for over $200 and even the wholesale price was $125.00! Needless to say when Digby later came to reclaim it, it was almost physically painful to give it up, but at the time I could not afford it, not for my own personal use, and I *knew* I would never be able to sell it. Not that it would not sell, but because I knew I wouldn't be able to part with it.

Many years later I was in Herkimer NY, mining for Herkimer Diamonds. I went to one of the other mines' gift shop, and LO what did I see? SALT LAMPS!!! And I could afford them!!! So I got one (it was about $100 *less* then the wholesale price for the other one and just as large! How could I resist? I couldn't. And didn't.)

I've had one since, added to the collection, and intend to keep on adding.  I love their feel, I sleep better, wake up refreshed, no more nightmares. My home feels so much more peaceful, and my family is also so much more at peace with a Salt Lamp around!  They promote Peace, Health and clean out negative "vibes" in the home, or wherever they are placed.  And as an added benefit, they're beautiful and make great conversation items!

I love my Salt Lamps, and you will too!!!

Peace and Blessings

~*~ Akiba ~*~

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Rob and Akiba together form TwinFlames  Life-Choice Counselors. As such, what we do is offer you a different perspective to your problems, and hopefully different solutions, one of which might even solve your issues! Many times we, as people, can only see our problems from a singular viewpoint. Rob and I offer you another viewpoint, which often has the effect of helping you to solve the problem. We also realize that some problems are gender-specific, and there we can also help. With problems that require a Man's point-of-view, ask for Rob, with problems that require a Woman's perspective, Akiba.


We work strictly by donation, for how can you put a price on Life Experience and Viewpoints? And if we used an hourly rate, we would all be tied to it, this way, you give what YOU feel is right.

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