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Solay Natural Salt Lamps not only add a radiantly beautiful glow described as sunrise on the Himalayas, but release negative ions in abundance -known for enhancing your well-being, energizing the room and gently purifying the air. Browse our unique selection of Natural Salt Lamps, Shaped Salt Lamps, Salt Candle Holders, Original Himalayan Bath Salts, Edible Salts, Natural beauty care from the Himalayas, Poland and Iran. Learn more about what these beautiful air ionizers can do for you.

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Inspirational personal stories...

About Gwen,                                                       

"I'm a retired middle school teacher, wife to a wonderful husband, mother of two terrific adult children, and grandmother of four beautiful children.  I've always tried to find ways of improving the health of myself and my wonderful family.  My family has nicknamed me "Dr. Gwen the Fit as a Fiddle Woman."


About a year age, I was reading an email pertaining to "Himalayan Crystal Salt."  Being curious about this "white gold' with its 84 minerals necessary for sustaining human life, I researched further and found Solay Wellness, Inc. where I purchased the salt.  I was very satisfied with this product and began to purchase many other products (i.e. skin care, therapy, etc.).  The entire line of products is very user friendly.  I feel extremely confident recommending the Solay skin care, salt lamps, table salt, and therapy products to people who are interested in improving their overall health.  It is my mission to share the benefits of Solay Wellness products with as many people as I can.  I am thankful for Solay products.  These products made a believer out of me and I'm sure they will do the same for you.  JUST GIVE THEM A TRY!

Thanks for stopping by and please come again. Your support is appreciated.

Thanks, G.S.H

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