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15% off Sale Extended
January 11, 2007

Our starting the New Year Healthy with 15% off Sale is Extended. Valid on Any Order size.

  • Great time to rid your home of chemical cleaners and replace them with Solay Simple Natural Cleaners
  • Purify your indoor air with Solay Salt Lamps
  • Try home made natural oral care remedies with Solay Smile natural tooth powder
  • Enjoy soothing pain relief with warm Solay Therapy Pillows
  • and so much more for your health and wellbeing.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 90 day money back guarantee.

    Visit us online today or call 866-497-0274

    Use voucher code: Holiday07
    when checking out on the website.

    Valid till 1-15-07. Not including shipping. Not valid on backordered items. Not including previous orders placed. Please share with a friend.

    Click here to visit Solay Wellness Today, Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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