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How dangerous are your home cleaners?
May 17, 2007

How dangerous are your home cleaners?
Have you looked at the ingredients your using ?
If you haven't checked lately, maybe you should.

One of our dear customers sent us this email and we asked her if we could send it to our customers to warn you on the dangers of using certain cleaning products. We hope you share this with as many people as possible to let them know to check their cleaners if they are experiencing any health conditions or even if they are not, to still check the possible toxins they are putting into their homes and lungs.

Margies email...

"Three weeks ago, Apr.14th, late Saturday afternoon, I started with a headache, (I rarely get headaches), it subsided after I went to sleep, and then Sunday it began again, this time stronger, and continued all day Sunday, in to Monday, and all night Monday night - I took a couple of Excedrins the kids had upstairs (my grandson on occasion gets a migraine, so thats what he uses), and the excedrin didn't make the pain go away - (and I have a high tolerance for pain), it was a pulsating, throbbing, sharp shooting pains going all the way down to my ears, and my scalp felt like it was on fire - couldn't sleep a wink - I mean the pain was there 24-7 no ease at all. Tuesday morning I called my doctor at 6 a.m., and told him what was happening, and that I was dressed ready to come to see him, if he can squeeze me in, he told me to come for 7:30 a.m.

He checked me, all vital signs were fine, and thought since this headache was so severe, he drew blood to check for temporal arteritis - inflamation of the temporal arteries, and referred me to a surgeon to do biopsies - both sides of my temples, and put me on steriods right away, because you go blind from temporal arteritis - since the inflamation stops the blood flow and oxygen to the eyes. He knew that the blood test, is usually not accurate, and the biopsies would confirm whether it was that or not. Well both the blood test and the biopsies were negative, and the steriods did not do anything to ease the pain at all. So I was back in his office , by this time I had the headache for 8 days straight - excruciating pain - so I left his office to go to Ray Tel Imaging to have a MRI done, MRI showed nothing was wrong in my head, no tumor, no aneurism, no cancer. He put me on Neurontin, I took 3 that night, and after a while it began to ease the pain, and then 3 the next morning. I figured from the symptons, I had trigeminal neuralgia - the suicide headache. The doctor wasn't sure that this is what I had, but from all the research I did, I had all the symptons - I didn't have it of the face.

I was using a cleaner that Friday cleaning the vinyl tiles in the basement, and I never checked whats in it, I've used it before, and didn't have a problem - but of course it wasn't for an extended time, and of course this time I was working in an enclosed area with no ventilation- doing the floor took me quite some time - moving things around, etc. I noticed after I got through, I felt very exhausted, and my face was so red. And I have done the floors on many occasions, not using this product, of course, and I never felt so exhausted before. So I didn't give it any thought, until I began with this headache.

The one thing this product contained was glycol ether, and after I researched the internet, ohhhh, this is a very dangerous thing - You get it into the body from the vapors penetrating the skin, and it causes a number of health conditions - to name a few, anemia, reduced production of red blood cells, affects the skin (gets very dry and flaky), eyes, nose, throat, it didn't say respiratory, but it did say headache, nausea, etc. etc.

I mean, this is some bad stuff. I will never use this product ever again.

II am still on the neurontin, and already cut down to 2 and 2 instead of 3 and 3, and this coming week, I will cut it down again to 1 and 2, and see what happens, and if I don't get headache, after a few days, I will go to 1 and 1. I really want to get off of this rx. And inasmuch as my body went through such a trauma, with the excruciating pain for so long and no sleep at all, and taking rx drugs, it just took away all the health I had, so I ended up with shingles on my hip and butt. I am over that now, and taking all my nutrition, and eating healthy as usual, this coming Wednesday is New Moon, so I will do the salt bath, I am so looking forward to that.

I will be ordering more cleaners and other things soon."---Margie

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