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The first Solay Wellness teleconference
July 05, 2006

The Solay Starr Salt Circle Teleconference

The Solay Starr Salt Circle is pleased to announce the "First Teleconference Series on the Benefits and Uses of Natural Salt for Body, Spirit and Home."

Solay Wellness Inc. is also pleased to announce our union with Dr. Joyce Starr, energy therapy expert and author of Himalayan Salt Crystals: Your Dynamic Wellness Guide.

The Salt Circle Teleconference Series, moderated by Dr. Starr and Solay Wellness Inc. founder Isabella Samovsky, is a unique forum where both practitioners and users of Natural Salt Crystal Wellness products can share life-changing experiences, practical insights and the latest research on natural salt wellness.

The Solay Starr Salt Circle is forging a vital new wellness path to the purest healing energy sources on earth. We hope you will join this groundbreaking endeavor.

When: July 19th, 2006

Time: 7 pm eastern time. (6 pm central, 4 pm pacific)

Topic: "The mix: Salt & Feng Shui"

Our Professional Expert joining us: Yvonne, a certified Feng Shui expert, Founder of the Feng Shui Institute.

We welcome you to the Solay Starr Salt Circle, additional information with phone number to call coming soon.

RSVP is appreciated, contact us by email or phone.

Include in the subject line: Confirm Teleconference and in the email your name and phone number.

Terms and conditions: The teleconference is free, a phone number will be provided to dial into, the phone number is not toll free, meaning use a phone that has no long distance charges when you call to avoid long distance charges if possible. The teleconference will be recorded for possible future use. Any one joining the teleconference gives Solay Wellness Inc. permission to be recorded. Solay Wellness Inc. will never sell, rent or giveaway your personal information, thatís a promise.

Warm regards,

Dr. Joyce & Isabella

If you have any questions about ways we may assist you visit us at or call 312-224-2710.

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