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Solay Simple Natural Cleaning Products with Himalayan Salt
October 03, 2006

NEW---Solay Simple with Himalayan Salt
Natural Cleaning Products

Using salt to clean the home is an old-fashioned cleaning remedy. Because Himalayan Salt is the purest form of salt, allergy sufferers, and health conscientious alike - benefit from the 100% natural ingredients of Solay Simple All Natural Cleaning Products with Himalayan Salt.

* Non-toxic * Cruelty-free *Biodegradable * Unscented * Effective

Cleaning your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Hazardous

Are you using salt lamps to keep your air clean and using toxic cleaning products?

Effective housecleaning transcends scrubbing, scouring and wiping away grime to achieve an immaculate, healthy home. The toxic effects of many American household products are linked to a myriad of medical conditions. From respiratory problems to asthma, the effects of long-term use of innumerous brand name household cleaners can be ultimately hazardous to one’s overall health.

Based on reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for more than 20 years, the rate of Americans who suffer from asthma has emerged by 30 percent.

Today, over 30 million Americans are afflicted by asthma. While the male population has grown by only 29 percent, the rate of female asthmatic patients has escalated by 82 percent. Health analysts attribute the higher rate in women to their increased exposure to the toxins of household cleaning products.

In American homes, toxins are outnumbering outdoor pollutants. Based on the tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Total Exposure Assessment Methodology (TEAM) on homes in both industrialized and rural neighborhoods, 12-common organic pollutants have been identified to outrank the contaminant found outdoors.

Predominantly household cleaning products are comprised of a popular irritant called petroleum distillates.

In contrast, only a fraction of the 75,000+ toxins and chemicals found in household items have been comprehensively evaluated for human health concerns. The problem is that many household products are quite toxic and fail to break down indoors. The chemicals may induce immediate to delayed toxic effects.

Over time, constant exposure to these household-cleaning products can negatively affect the human body.

According to clinical ecologist-physicians who treat patients who suffer from “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS), chemicals enter the human body from two main entry points – the nose and the skin.

Although, a physician may prescribe patches to manage the skin’s absorption of chemicals, natural household cleaning products are formulated to not only clean the home but eliminate the harmful exposures to toxins.

Toxic All-Purpose Cleaners

From the bathroom counter to the kitchen sink, highly concentrated all-purpose chemicals can cause a host of irritations to the respiratory tract, the skin as well as irritation to the eyes. While the standard household all-purpose cleaner offers good cleaning power, sodium hydroxide represents many health risks. For starters, all-purpose cleaners that contain sodium hydroxide are highly combustible. Other potential health risks include scarring, blindness, and even death when inhaled over an extended period and in drastic amounts. Choose a natural product, concentrated to fight the toughest of stains.

Poisonous Dish Detergent

An overwhelming number of dishwasher detergent products contain high concentrates of chloride. The chemical is linked to the leading cause in poisonous incidents in children.

Chemical Laundry Detergent

Many popular brand laundry detergents contain sodium hydroxide. These ingredients are deemed highly corrosive and are linked to triggering distress on the respiratory tract, skin irritation, and burning the eyes. Moreover, certain hazardous chemicals found in various commercial brands of laundry detergents may cause a wealth of other medical conditions.

For example, Linear Alkylate Sulfonate is a common ingredient of laundry detergent. It absorbable via the skin and has been found to increase the risk of liver damage. Another popular chemical found in commercial laundry detergent, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, can irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Some people experience regurgitation when using these agents.

However, natural laundry detergents, similar to Solay Simple Cleaning Products with Himalayan Salt can help ease allergies and other irritations.

Effective house cleaning represents using cleaning products that promote good health. Start with a natural cleaning agent free of chemicals such as natural salt. Unlike, the toxins found in white processed salt, using pure Himalayan salt is an old-fashioned, yet natural solution that can be used to clean homes. One hundred percent pure, Himalayan salt contains antibacterial properties.

Naturally formulated to sanitize, Solay Simple Cleaning Products with Himalayan Salt remove grime, stains and dirt without rendering chemical hazards in the home.

4 Effective Solay Simple Natural Cleaning products for all your household cleaning needs.

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"Now that I have the baby, I'm even more concerned with the cleaning products we use, your Solay Simple is great, I love that it doesn't smell, it cleans my counter tops great, the clothes are clean!, I can see the wax come off my fruits and it works really well for most of my cleaning needs, even compared to regular cleaning products. "--Rob, Chicago

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