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April 22, 2009

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In this issue:

  • Persian Salt Lamp Winner

  • New Organic Body Products, Organic Coconut Oils, Shampoos, and More

  • Cooking with Clay-The Healthiest Choice

  • Solay Savings and Earnings Program

  • 15% Off Earth Day Special-Limited Time

  • Socially Responsible Investing Class & Heart Based Relaxation Classes Beginning in the Solay Salt Room

  • Persian Salt Lamps Winner

    Everyone signed up for our newsletter is entered, so no need to do anything besides wait for your chance. The March winner is Dr. Catherine Santoro, from New Jersey. She will be receiving her lamp shortly.

    Have your friends and family sign up also for their chance to win. No purchase necessary.

    New Products for Your Health and Wellness

    Solay Sea Therapy Whipped Body Butters and Body Milks

    Solay Sea Therapy and Tea Therapy Face Toners

    Organic Coconut Oils and Coconut Concentrate

    Solay Gourmet Pomaireware (r) Clay Cookware and Bake ware

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    Clay Cookware and Bakeware-The Healthiest Cooking Solution

    As society moves toward a healthier environment and lifestyle, consumers are now looking for ways to improve the quality of their food. When we think about health food, we often overlook the items that we use to cook and bake our food.

    Researchers have discovered that traditional cookware contain substances that are harmful to our health. For instance, not only will acidic foods cooked in aluminum leave a metallic taste in the mouth, but there is a risk of heavy metal poisoning. Cookware that contains Teflon (tetrafluoride), a fluoride product that produces a toxic gas when heated to over 500F, can cause an illness known as the Teflon-flu. When cooking healthy food, people will often saturate the pan with butter, oil, or cooking spray which turns healthy food into an unhealthy meal. There are other safety concerns when using traditional cookware that includes pots boiling over, scorched pans, and burning your hands on the burners. For those who grill food, they have to watch for sudden bursts of flames and scorched food.

    To create healthier meals, eco-friendly companies are coming out with safer and healthier cookware. One healthy alternative is actually a very old cooking product. Craftsman from Pomaire, Chile have been making unglazed clay cookware since the 19th century. These cookware products are healthier because no oil is needed as the food steams in natural juices. Clay pots also hold the nutrients whereas foods that are boiled often lose nutrients during the cooking process. Foods cooked in clay dishes retain more flavor than traditional cookware. Clay pots are also free of all chemicals that include lead and aluminum. They are safe to use in the oven with a temperature of up to 450F, in the microwave, and on the stovetop.

    Clay pores absorb water. The water is released during cooking allowing the food to remain moist. During the cooking process natural juices are created. As the food cooks, the juices increase the steam which creates a moist cooking state. The clay distributes and retains the heat. The result is juicy and flavorful food. Clay is healthy because it seals in the nutrients so you do not have to add fats. As well, seasonings are able to penetrate deeper in the food.

    Cooking in unglazed clay is an ancient tradition with modern day health benefits. Clay cookware is still the most popular cooking choice in many parts of the world. Whether you steam-cooked vegetables, cook meats and fish, make soups, and delicious baked goods, this ancient method of cooking is a modern and healthy way of cooking. Today's clay cookware and bakeware are decoratively created to go straight from the oven to the dining table.

    Solay is proud to launch our Solay Gourmet Pomaireware (r) Clay cookware. These pieces are unbelievable beautiful and functional. Perfect mothers day and fathers day gifts.

    Visit Solay Gourmet Pomaireware Clay Cookware

    Solay Savings and Earnings Program

    Many of you have asked us how we can work together to help promote our products while earning extra money and saving money on your own orders. Because so many of you already refer our products to your friends and family, why not start earning extra money for your referrals?

    We are happy to offer everyone our free Solay Wellness Savings and Earnings Partner Program. The program is simple and will help you save money on your orders and earn money by referring our Solay Wellness products. By simply sending an email from your own email account, or using our Solay Backend Program where you access your information to send emails, you can quickly and easily refer our Solay Wellness Products to your friends, family, and coworkers all over the world.

    The program is free and works for everyone. Read More and Sign Up

    15% Off Earth Day Special

    In honor of Earth day , We would like to offer you a 15% savings on all Solay Wellness earth friendly products. Use discount code: SAVE
    online or by phone. Expires April 30th, 2009

    Solay Wellness Classes, Skokie, IL

    We have had an amazing response to our classes and will be offering ongoing classes in our Solay Salt Room in Skokie, IL. Next class series is Heart Based Relaxation with Cynthia Zeki, and Socially Responsible Investing with Jason, Independent Edward Jones office. Visit our blog for all the details, click here: Solay Blog

    Your 90 day satisfaction is always guaranteed and we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Solay Wellness Inc

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