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15% off, Dog Days of Summer, New Solay Lifestyle Website, New Organic Hemp Products
August 31, 2010

In this Issue:

  • Give yourself a break from the Dog Days of Summer with 15%off of your entire order

  • Solay Lifestyle - NEW WEBSITE

  • NEW organic hemp products

  • PETA tips for keeping your pet cool

  • Solay Pets All Natural Dog Shampoo

  • Animals need salt too?

  • Full Moon Ritual Bath

  • Local Events

  • Give yourself a break from the Dog Days of Summer...

    Take *15% off of your entire order.

    Discount Code: 'Celebrate'

    *valid till September 6th, 2010 excludes Saunas

    order online at or by phone at 866-497-0274


    Please let us know what you think of our new site.

    Solay Wellness has a sister site!! Solay Lifestyle!!! Check it out here for exciting new natural products for your health and home!

    Take 15% off of your entire order, excluding saunas. Use discount code 'celebrate'. Valid until September 30th, 2010

    Including: Hemp bags, housewares, organic cotton clothing, baby and momma products, and much more.

    We have included many organic hemp products on our new Solay Lifestyle site.

    Here are a few reasons why:

    The eco friendly Organic Hemp Products are designed and manufactured in Romania by Ecolution, a leader in environmentally friendly products, manufacturing.

    Ecolution operates under fair trade no-sweatshop guidelines specifically employees are paid more than the Romanian average, can advance within the company, receive medical and pension coverage, and work in a facility that is safe, well-lit, heated, free of toxic chemicals, and does not employ children.

    Ecolution products are 100% vegan, containing no products from animal exploitation such as leather or wool, and the hemp is grown in accordance with the European Union's organic certification regulations.

    Unlike most hemp fabrics, this product was processed without heavy caustic sodas and acid rinses, and uses environmentally friendly fiber-reactive and plant-based dyes that contain no heavy metals or known toxic substances.

    All of Ecolution's buttons are made from natural biodegradable materials such as uninhabited sea shells or tagua nuts that are collected by indigenous peoples from the Amazon rainforest.

    PETA tips for keeping your pets cool Posted by Michelle Rivera

    Itís summertime, and the liviní is easy! Summertime comes with a variety of fun activities that we can undertake with our furry canine companions. But with incoming reports of heat advisories from many parts of the country, we need to be careful about which activities we choose.

    In sunny South Florida where I live, itís summer pretty much all the time, but the months of June, July, and August are arguably the hottest. So what can we do to protect ďmanís best friendĒ from the dog days of summer?

    Read More on our blog... Onegreat way to keep your dog cool in the summer - Give them a bath using Solay Pets All Natural Dog Shampoo...

    To keep your dogs skin and coat in excellent health, a good natural and effective dog shampoo is vital. Solay Pets, made in Chicago, is formulated with natural, hydrating and conditioning ingredients such as Wheat germ, aloe vera, 84 mineral rich Himalayan salt and SLS free coconut derived surfactants. There is no preservatives, parabens, SLS, or waxes used. 100% Vegan and Cruelty free.

    Our shampoo will clean, deodorize, promote healing, and help skin conditioners or just keep your dogs coat healthy, shiny and clean.

    As a dog lover, you want your loyal friend to feel and look good. Your dog's skin and coat perform many functions essential to its health. A healthy coat and skin provides warmth, maintains body temperature, and protects against parasites. Your dog's skin and coat require special care to stay healthy.

    Skin and coat problems are very common among dogs. Conditions include: abscesses, odors, eczema, dermatitis, dander, hair loss and seborrhea. Commercial pet shampoos contain artificial additives that can dry your dogs skin. They consist of harsh chemicals and irritants that can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction.

    Animals need salt too?

    For thousands of years it has been known that domestic and wild animals need salt just as man does, and not just for flavor. The virtues of salt for animals were extolled by the ancient Greeks. Early explorers in Africa, Asia and North America recorded observations of grazing animals traveling to salt springs or deposits to satisfy ravenous appetites for salt.

    Animals deprived of salt will risk grave danger or resort to unusual behavior to obtain it. Considerable evidence exists that early nomads and hunters took advantage of this fact to lure and capture animals by locating areas with salt and waiting for animals to come there periodically.

    Read More on our blog...

    Full Moon Himalayan Salt Ritual Bath -

    Observations of the Moonís rhythm have shown that the best results can be attained by taking a salt bath at the time of the Moon change.

    Full Moon: the body absorbs the most minerals. As the salt melts into the water and returns to its natural state, its 84 vital minerals penetrate the body and absorb into the skin in the form of ions, helping to balance the pH (acid/alkaline) level through the skin.

    Next Full Moon: September 23, 2010

    Instructions: Add up to 2 pounds of Solay Himalayan Bath Salt. The temperature of the water should be around 98.5 (body temperature). Soak for 15 to 30 minutes and get plenty of rest after the ritual bath.

    Solay Himalayan Bath Salts...



    Local Events

    Solay Wellness Spa

    Join us for complimentary facials and foot soaks, shopping and giveaways, an afternoon of soothing fun, relaxation and refreshments.

    Saturday, September 25, 2010


    RSVP: Reserve your space today!



    Gary Goldman:

    Offers Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Relationship Coaching and Spiritual Empowerment for Families and Kids.

    Individual Coaching Sessions: $75.00 per hour

    Couples of Family Coaching Sessions: $100.00 (1 Hour)

    (Series of four sessions 20% discount)

    Call 224 456 7889 for appointments.



    Elvis Dur LNCMT

    Deep tissue, Therapeutic, Fibromyalgia, Sports and Hot Stone.

    Call 847 962 1324 for appointments.


    Diane Ansel

    Ayurvedic Massage, Marma Points

    Call 773 743 8387 for appointments.

    Solay Wellness is Located at: 8049 N. Ridgeway Skokie IL 60076 847 676 5571

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