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February 09, 2010

In this Issue:

  • Solay Simple Guide to Great Skin Care

  • Solay Wellness Chosen Non profit: Animal Rescue Needs Your Help

  • Solay Wellness is hosting a Psychic Group Reading in the Salt Room

  • Spiritual Retreat-Join Us March 13-20th, 2010 -Last Chance!

  • 20% Off Sale Starts This Week..Discount Code: FALL

  • Simple Guide to Great Skin Care

    My grandmother used to tell me all the time that skin is important for many more reasons than just good looks. We all have heard that we have to take care of our skin. But how frequently do we think about just how amazing our skin is? Let’s take a look.

    Here are some fun statistics to start with: the skin is the largest organ in the human body. For an average adult, the skin has a surface area of about 20 sq ft and weighs about 20-25 lb.

    The average square inch of skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and more than a thousand nerve endings1. The skin eliminates 2 pounds of waste each day!2

    There are some other vitally important functions our skin performs. It holds in place, protects and insulates all of our body parts—the bones, muscles and inner organs. It serves as a barrier to keep out the toxins and pathogens in the environment. The skin participates in heat regulation by dilating or constricting capillaries to make the body cool off or conserve warmth.

    The skin prevents excessive fluid loss and acts as a water resistant barrier so that essential nutrients aren't washed out of the body. The skin synthesizes Vitamin D that is crucial for healthy immune system, strong bones and overall well-being of our body. A complex flora of microorganisms exists on the skin surface, and when the balance is disturbed, there may be an infection or overgrowth of pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, proper skin cleansing methods become very important. Our skin gives us the gift of sensation: it reacts to heat and cold, pressure and touch. Finally, others make quick judgments about our attractiveness and health just by looking at our skin.3

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    Exotic Animal Rescue Needs Your Help

    Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. (ARWS) is a non-profit, 501-c-3 public charity. The Sanctuary is a "safe haven" that takes in animals for various reasons that are in need of special care and a loving place to reside the rest of their lives. For some animals ARWS is the last resort before euthanasia. We are currently home to around 60 species of rare, unusual, threatened or endangered animals, reptiles and birds from 6 continents. More than 160 creatures in all!

    Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. is not state or federally funded. The Sanctuary is a public animal charity that is supported by education programs and donations from individuals that care about animals. Won't you please consider making a donation today to help an animal in need?

    Even a small donation makes a difference. Please visit the website to donate, sponsor or adopt an animal:

    Visit the website now

    Solay Wellness is hosting a Psychic Group Reading in the Salt Room

    Experience a Group Reading with CHARLES PEDEN Psychic Medium, Spiritual Adviser and Animal Communicator

    Date; February 13th 2010

    Group Reading : 6:00 ~ 8:00 pm ~ $20/person

    Followed by Individual Readings : 8:00 ~ 10:00 pm

    Spiritual Retreat-Join Us March 13-20th, 2010 --Last Chance!

    Connecting, Living and Growing

    Dates: March 13th, 2010 till March 20th, 2010

    At Beautiful Casa Luna Villa on St. John, US Virgin Islands

    Join Isabella, Cynthia and Thomas, and our host, Allison Smith, for a vacation that will change the way you know and care for yourself and others. We will introduce you to your heart’s spiritual energy and the deep love and wisdom it contains. We will teach you how to use this energy and knowledge in every aspect of your life so that you can live in love peacefully, joyfully, and fearlessly.

    This time is devoted to you, where you can become one with the gentle energy and crystal clear seas of St. John. The workshop will be held three mornings – the rest of the time is yours to decide – snorkeling, hammock time, volunteering, beach time, meditation. You’ll have a solid week of relaxation, spiritual exploration, nature and fun on this breathtakingly beauti ful island paradise.

    Call Isabella at 847-676-5571 or To register and for all other retreat information, visit:

    or contact Allison at (340)779-4585 or

    *20% off Sale-

    One Week Only February 10th till February 17th, 2010 use discount code: FALL

    online at or by phone at 866-497-0274

    retail orders only. Does not apply to Saunas, clearance items, sale items or water filters , 10% discount for wholesale orders

    The Solay Wellness Senter in Skokie Mission

    The Senter in Skokie is a collaborative cooperative of wellness businesses and individual alternative therapy healers that provide products, services, and classes. We offer a beautiful, relaxing salt room environment conducive to our clients' and customer wellness, and lifestyle products to support them such as salt lamps, mineral rich salts, organic skin care, crystals and gemstones, and natural food products. We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and customers on every level – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

    Some of our Wellness Practitioners:

    Cynthia Zeki, Ph.D., RMT, Akashic Records, Heart-Based Reiki, Crystal Healing

    Thomas Frierson, RMT, Heart-Based Reiki, Himalayan Singing Bowls

    Diane Ansel, LMT, Ayurvedic Massage

    Gary Goldman, Spiritual Light Coaching: Spiritual Life, Relationship & Family Coaching

    Petra Homann, Quantum Biofeedback, Aura Color Analysis, Amethyst Crystal Biomat

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