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Solay Wellness News, Tips & Products April Edition
April 16, 2008

Solay Wellness News, Tips & Products Spring Issue 2008 issue:

In this issue:

  • Solay Spring Sale Still On

  • $1 From Every Purchase Supports Trees for The future

  • New Products

  • The Difference between Persian, Polish and Himalayan salt

  • Amazing Stories

  • Solay Spring 10% OFF SALE

    Save 10%

    on all earth friendly and healthy Solay Wellness products and enjoy a low $8.95 shipping (in the continental USA) on your entire order, per address.

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    Trees for the Future

    Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and our country programs, we have empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.

    New to the non profit support center, $1 from every purchase of our Solay Body Scents Breathe will be donated along with our current donations.

    New Products

    Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

    A novel ultrasound device not only stimulates the water, but also activates the sole to the extent that the molecular compounds separate from the water. The disconnected water molecules then bind the salt in its ionized form, due to the specific frequency. This creates a sole (solay) fog, without heating the water, producing an ocean-front climate. It cleanses the air because it binds the positively charged dust particles. Furthermore it creates a neutral frequency in the room within 2 hours. Beside the ionizing effect, your body is surrounded by its own vibrational pattern. The relaxation and balance your system realizes is similar to that found at the beach or salt cave. Featured in the book, Water & Salt, the essense of life.

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    Ultrasonic Salinizer/Mini Humidifier

    The Ultrasonic Salinizer/Mini Humidifier is a ultrasonic particles dispenser that makes use of ultrasonic frequency vibration theory to translate the saline solution into 1-5 microns salt particles. These particles are able to penetrate deep into the lungs, up to the alveoli, helping in cleaning, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation and humidifying the whole respiratory tract.

    The salt therapy can be used with very good results in all chronic respiratory diseases as well as preventive, in healthy people. In chronic diseases it helps with inflammation, unclog the blockages, clearing the respiratory system and better breathing. It also prevents the respiratory diseases, protecting against colds and flu by maintaining a good hygiene over the whole respiratory system.

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    The Difference between Persian salt, Polish salt and Himalayan salt, by Cynthia Zeki, Ph.D, RMT.

    What is the difference between Persian salt, Polish salt and Himalayan salt crystal lamps? Only Solay Wellness offers beautiful, fair trade lamps from 3 different countries. Besides aesthetic differences in color and the crystals texture, Solay salt lamps work in the same way, all producing healthy negative ions that have helped thousands of customers sleep better, breathe better and feel better at home or the office. But the energies each lamp gives off is different. Just like any crystal found naturally in nature, they all have their own properties and healing abilities. Here is a nice description by an energy worker recently visited us in our Skokie, IL location:

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    Cynthia is a personal energy consultant and energy healer. She has a strong connection to earth elements, especially crystals, stones, and water. For more information, please visit her website at Reliefathand

    Amazing Customer Journey to Wellness

    "Isabella, Well - I am now ordering for additional lamps for our home. Currently, I have one in our (me and my husband's) bedroom and one in our sons room. My one son has Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) AND Autism. He has suffered from sleep disruptions for over 5 years (he will be 6 in June). Within a week of this salt lamp being in my son's room - he started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! I am shocked, please, over joyed. I have ordered a lamp for my daughter's room and some for the downstairs. This is just a miracle lamp and we love it!"--CW

    "I recently received the Gentle Face Scrub and the Natural Tooth Powder (Tangerine and Lemon Lime). I am extremely happy and thrilled. I never even knew about Himalayan crystal salt until an esthetician friend told me about it, and I found your website. The Face Scrub is amazing and makes my skin smooth, soft and radiant instantly, like no other face scrub I've tried (and I use all natural and organic products). I'll be using and buying it for as long as you sell it. I've been using the Tangerine Tooth Powder and I love it. It is the best tooth powder I have ever used. It makes my teeth incredibly clean, smooth, and white, and it freshens my whole mouth all day. "--Joanne

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    Wishing you better health everyday and a happy Spring.
    Solay Wellness Inc.

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