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Solay Wellness News, Tips & Products March Edition
March 11, 2008

Solay Wellness News, Tips & Products Spring Issue 2008 issue:

In this issue:

  • Solay Spring Sale

  • Keep Your Dog Healthy Naturally

  • New Products

  • Salt and Pamper

  • Living Green and Communicating with Animals

  • Solay Pamper Parties

  • Non Profit Support

  • Solay Simple Cleaners Voted the Best: Free Gifts!!!!

  • Amazing Stories

  • Solay Spring 10% OFF SALE

    Save 10% on all earth friendly and healthy Solay Wellness products and enjoy a low $8.95 shipping (in the continental USA) on your entire order, per address.

    Enter voucher code: "Thanks" in the shopping cart or call us at 866-497-0274. Includes gift sets and specials. Not valid with other coupons. Visit Us

    Keep Your Dog Healthy Naturally

    As a dog lover, you want your loyal friend to feel and look good. Your dog's skin and coat perform many functions essential to its health. A healthy coat and skin provides warmth, maintains body temperature, and protects against parasites. Your dog's skin and coat require special care to stay healthy.

    Skin and coat problems are very common among dogs.... click here to read full article

    New Products
    Solay Pets Natural Shampoo
    Solay Shine Natural Shampoo
    Celtic Sea Salt Caramels
    Salt Art
    Solay Body Sprays
    Solay Under Eye and Neck Cream
    Rose Quartz Look Persian Lamps
    Fog Makers, Organic Seasoning and Wellness systems coming soon... Click Here to Begin Shopping

    Salt and Pamper: An NBC 5 News Special: Salt Caves and Salt Products Promise Relaxation, Health Benefits

    It looks out of this world, but a centuries-old health and spa remedy is getting new life in Chicago.

    "First time, wow! I was absolutely amazed," said salt spelunker Carol Riehle.

    "It transported me to another place," said Amy Souza, who also enjoys the artificial salt caves.

    Salt caves, made to look like Polish salt mines, are slowing digging into popularity, NBC5's Kim Vatis reported. Read More

    Experience Better Health Every Day Radio: Living Green with Wendy Roy and Communicating with Animals with Rae Linden

    I find animal communication to be quite real and quite amazing. It consists of dialog back and forth with the animal and, in most cases, distant or remote healing. The majority of people who call me have a dog, cat or horse with health problems, injuries or behavioral issues. Some are contemplating euthanasia and wish to have their thoughts and feelings conveyed. In my work, I have found animals to be very open and honest about their wants and needs and usually quite willing to do what they can to please their owners.—Rae Linden Listen Now

    “Welcome to the intelligently trendy family of women now known as…Glam-Granola® girls!” says Wendy Roy, who coined the term that means one who is glamorously earthy. The conscientious and holistic do-gooders of our world now have permission to look good while doing good!” she says. Roy is especially proud of the program she developed to help create green, healthy and attractive workspaces that foster peace, happiness and productivity, while working as an administrative assistant for The Clean Air Association of the Northeast States. Her latest accomplishment is the completion of a hip coffee-table book called You Know You’re a Glam-Granola® Girl If…, which is a celebration of women who are fashionably holistic.—Wendy Roy Listen Now

    Solay Pamper Parties

    How would you like to pamper your friends, family and guests in your home and friends homes and make 20% commissions on Solay Wellness products. Receive a 20% discount on purchases, your own website and make your own hours. Starts at $150. Call Isabella for more information at 312-224-2710

    Helping us save and rehabilitate orphaned animals

    There are tens of thousands of injured and orphaned animals all over the world that need our help. Solay Wellness has teamed up with 2 small, non profit organizations to help them spread the word and raise money for their causes of helping these animals. It's not cheap and they could use all of our support. If you would like to donate Click here or just learn more about these organizations.

    ANNOUNCEMENTS: Solay Simple Multi Purpose Cleaner Voted Most Effective

    In Celebration of our Multi Purpose Cleaner voted most effective cleaner by Domino Magazine, receive a FREE 2 oz sample size with every purchase of $50 or more and a Free 32 oz bottle with every purchase of $150 or more. Great for asthma, allergies, children and pets, our Solay simple natural cleaners, are 100% safe, effective, green and bio degradable. Mention free gift when checking out. Shop Now

    Amazing Customer Journey to Wellness

    "“I am a health care practitioner, who was made ill by faulty mercury amalgam removal 15 years ago. Even though the removal was mandated by a holistic MD, the dentist considered the procedure a fad, and without merit. He did not use appropriate protocol, even with a very pregnant dental assistant helping him. Amalgam was drilled out of the left upper and lower teeth.

    I quickly developed severe headache, uncontrollable tremors, which prevented my navigating a spoon of food into my mouth, aching kidneys, insomnia, etc.. The kidney meridian runs through the knees, which became chronically swollen. The holistic MD intervened with 2x weekly high Vit. C IV's with selenium. I have spent the intervening years trying to correct the residues of the mercury poisoning. Have made kombucha for years, taken chlorella, done IV chelation, seen doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and herbs. In short, I had not been idle, and all of the above had brought improvement.

    Five months ago, I began taking 1 tsp. of the sole' solution in water on arising, and was startled by apparent deep level detox of residual mercury. In the first week, I noticed dull headache; my kidneys felt uncomfortable. That subsided. By week 5, headache became unpleasant and entirely left sided. My left eye felt initially dry and granular; pain ran through it. Pain also in the left jaw, the teeth, and mastoid bone. The left eye became nearly swollen shut with a painful sty on the lower lid. The eye oozed for three weeks, and in the morning, the eyelashes were stuck together. As the sty drained and subsided, I noticed a rosier complexion, greater mental clarity, and well-being.

    Now after 5 months of taking the sole', the swelling in the knees grows less. I had been athletic; that ability and inclination are returning. This detox took me by surprise. It was a bit difficult, but am sleeping deeply again, and symptoms dating from the time of the mercury poisoning are becoming notable by their absence. Thank you. “---A New England nutritionist.

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    Wishing you better health everyday and a happy Spring.
    Solay Wellness Inc.

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