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Giving and getting the gifts of Wellness | Solay Wellness Holiday Sale
November 27, 2007

Solay Wellness News, Tips & Products December 2007 issue:

  • Helping you give the gifts of Wellness-Solay Holiday Sale
  • Getting the gifts of Wellness-How to begin an exercise routine and Naprapathy to help your aches and pains
  • 10 reasons to go Vegan for your health and the environment
  • Helping us save and rehabilitate orphaned animals
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: Be a guest on our better health radio show

  • Solay Holiday Sale

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    It's your decision

    According to Jonathan Landsman from wanting a better life is a never-ending journey. Good health begins with our thoughts, grows stronger with feelings and manifests itself through our actions. Our choices determine the level of health we will experience. We can always make improvements to any area of our life. There are two prerequisites required for us to succeed. First, find a discipline of change to practice on a daily basis, such as physical fitness or meditation. But, more importantly, you MUST believe in the possibilities of your success! Listen to Jonathan on along with our second guest Inna Nikogosian, a certified naprapath doctor. Learn what is naprapathy and how can it help us feel better physically, even with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Inna does free phone and in person consultations. Visit her website Health and Wellness Center to learn more and listen to Inna on Iamhealthradio-LISTEN NOW

    And join us December 21st, with up and coming eco-author, Wendy Roy, on how to live an eco friendly and healthy lifestyle. January guest Rae, on talking with animals and animal therapy. February guest, Allen Baker on Breathing therapy. Very exciting shows to come. If you would like to call in, please email: for information.

    10 Best Reasons to Go Vegan

    Living longer, reducing cancer, helping the environment, feeding the planet...your comments are welcomed! read more

    Helping us save and rehabilitate orphaned animals

    There are tens of thousands of injured and orphaned animals all over the world that need our help. Solay Wellness has teamed up with 2 small, non profit organizations to help them spread the word and raise money for their causes of helping these animals. It's not cheap and they could use all of our support. If you would like to donate Click here or just learn more about these organizations.

    ANNOUNCEMENTS: Be a guest on our radio show

    If you are a natural health practitioner and would like to be a guest on our show, please call Isabella at 312-224-2710. If you have had an amazing journey with our Solay Wellness products and would like to share your journey, please call 312-224-2710 or email and help us share your success with others.


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    Wishing you better health everyday and a happy and safe holiday season
    Solay Wellness Inc.

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