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August 25, 2008

August 2008 Issue:

  • Understanding Our Immune System
  • The Importance of Detoxification
  • Solay Wellness Seminars Begin in Skokie
  • 10% off SALE Still On Till August 31st
  • New Products Coming
  • Understanding our Immune System

    The immune system is your bodyís defense against disease and illness. The body reacts to foreign matter when there is sickness, pain, and other harmful bugs.

    The function of the immune system is to neutralize and retain information about previous foreign invaders. When an invader returns, past intrusions sense the invaderís chemical signals which stimulates them to produce and excrete chemical tags called antibodies.

    These antibodies stick to the invaders and enable killer cells to recognize and kill again.


    The Importance of Detoxification

    Today, the environment is more polluted than ever. There are toxins in our food that are not organically grown, the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in unfiltered water. Most of the chemicals we apply to our bodies come from personal care products made from petroleum and other toxic substances. Many people are feeling the affects of this chemical saturated world in the form of allergies, skin conditions, weakness, sleep disorders, breathing problems, mental state disorders, and much more. Our bodies are not designed to handle such a toxic overload.


    Solay Wellness Seminars Begin In Skokie

    From the Heart: Connecting to Your Spiritual Core

    Solay Wellness Sponsored Class
    By Cynthia Zeki, Ph.D., RMT--Personal Energy Consultant

    Your spiritual core, located in the heart chakra, is the intersection between the vertical axis of the chakra system, with chakras one to three below, and chakras five through seven above, and the horizontal axis of the left brain/right brain continuum. Within your spiritual core is your core value.

    Understanding and living within this core value allows you to determine how and what your spiritual growth will be. Youíll be able to decide what thoughts, actions, and feelings help you stay in touch with your soul.

    In this talk youíll be introduced to the right brain/left brain continuum and how this relates to the chakra system. Youíll learn what a core value is, think about the core values of others, and get ideas on how to determine your own core value.

    Living consciously by and with your core value is living with connection and communication to your soul and highest self. It is living with self-love and understanding. And thatís a beautiful way to live!

    Date: Saturday, September 6th, 2008

    Time: 10 am (please arrive 10 minutes early)

    Price: $5 donation

    Solay Wellness Salt Room
    8051 N Ridgeway ave
    Skokie, IL 60076

    Seating is limited. Please reserve your spot. Call 847-676-5571or email isabella at

    For those that cannot make it, the one hour class will be available on the website to watch.

    Sale Still On Till August 31st 2008.

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    News and New Products To Come....

    Within the next few weeks we will be launching a new shopping cart with reward points, customer log in accounts to store your information with us and several new wonderful products including gourmet Himalayan dog cookies, organic dog beds, and others.

    Please share newsletter with friends and family.

    Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcomed: Contact Us

    Wishing you better health everyday and a happy Summer.
    Solay Wellness Inc.

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