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15% off, Chemical and Toxic Free Living, New Product Line
July 13, 2010

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  • Happy Birthday Solay! Take 15% off your entire order.

  • Chemical Free Living

  • New Website and Product Line

  • Enter to Win a Solay Gift Certificate for $50 or $200 From Saagara

  • Full Moon Ritual Bath

  • Local Events

  • Give yourself the gift of chemical free living. In Celebration of Solay Wellness' 6th Anniversary... Take 15% off of your entire order. Discount Code: Celebrate

    Please let us know what you think of our new site.

    Safe, Toxin and Chemical Free Cleaning

    It's time to start phasing out your old cleaning products and regimes for healthier chemical free cleaners. There are hundreds of chemicals used in cleaners that are extremely harmful to us and the environment.

    Some of the ingredients found in everyday household cleaning products:

    Acetone: Spot treatment cleaners and nail polish remover - A neurotoxin

    Bleach: Found in many household cleaners - Very harmful to people with heart conditions and asthma

    Ethoxylated Nonyl Phenol: Found in many laundry detergents - A known carcinogen and hormone disruptor

    Read more on our blog...


    Look for companies that offer all natural, non toxic, chemical free cleaning products. Make sure you read the labels and ASK QUESTIONS. Companies do not have to list all of the ingredients on cleaning product labels, make sure you know what you are buying. Read more on how to begin a chemical free lifestyle...

    Source: SURVIVE! A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World

    By Sharyn Wynters, ND and Burton Goldberg, LHD

    Read more on how to begin a chemical free lifestyle....

    Solay Wellness has a NEW product line!

    Solay Essentials with Himalayan Salt Passionately made by Dana, a mother and so much more, who has lovingly handcrafted natural rememdies for her family for over a decade. Natural Deodorant Powder

    Stress Relief Body Powder

    Immune Boosting Foot Powder

    Natural Deodorant Powder

    Stress Relief Natural Bath Soak

    Immune Boosting Natural Foot Soak

    Daily Detox Bath Soak

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    Enter to Win a $50 or $200 Solay Wellness Gift Certificate From Saagara

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    At Saagara, we are developing techniques to promote a more a hollistic approach to health. A central aspect of this approach was to promote a better breathing techniques, for stress reduction, cardiovascular benefits etc. So we designed an approach based on Visamavrtti Pranayama, to train people to prolong and regulate their breathing in simple way, and as such obtain both physiological benefits as well as clarity of thought. Our purpose was to train people in a method that would be suitable for most people, easy to understand and structured; which would teach behaviour and techniques most suited for everday life.

    We start of by showing people correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and have a progressive structured course. We start with a 2 stage breathing ratio of 1:2 (inhale for 1:exhale for 2), where the user learns to exhale slowly. Then we progress to a 3 stage breathing ratios 1:1:2, where the user is introduced to a middle retention, and the 3 stage breathing ratios are gradually increased in difficulty to 1:2:2 /1:3:2/1:4:2. Finally the user is introduced to the 4 stage breathing ratios 1:3:2:1 /1:4:2:1 where we introduce a retention element at the end of the exhale.

    As well as selecting the breathing ratio, the user can select the timing for each level example 1:2 ratio at a timing of 2 equals 6.7 breaths per minute, 1:2 ratio at a timing of 3 equals 5 breaths per minute The idea being the user masters each ratio increasing the timing gradually, and then progressing to the next ratio in a manner that causes no difficulty or stress on the body. To guide the user in breathing we have different musical sounds, distinct sounds for inhale/retain/exhale/retain, the musical sounds also have timing built into them so the user is guided in his breathing by the music without having to look at the iPhone screen. We also have a log screen, which records your practice and progress. Appropriate warnings are given at the start to ensure that these exercises are done in a safe environment, not while driving or operating machinery etc. We have obtained excellent reviews from users of our app on the iTunes app store, with users successfully using the product to manage stress, improve fitness, achieve a calm relaxed state, and some users have successfully used our app to help manage migraines.

    Visit Saagara... Full Moon Himalayan Salt Ritual Bath -

    Observations of the Moon’s rhythm have shown that the best results can be attained by taking a salt bath at the time of the Moon change.

    Full Moon: the body absorbs the most minerals. As the salt melts into the water and returns to its natural state, its 84 vital minerals penetrate the body and absorb into the skin in the form of ions, helping to balance the pH (acid/alkaline) level through the skin.

    Next Full Moon: July 26th, 2010

    Instructions: Add up to 2 pounds of Solay Himalayan Bath Salt. The temperature of the water should be around 98.5 (body temperature). Soak for 15 to 30 minutes and get plenty of rest after the ritual bath.

    Solay Himalayan Bath Salts...




    Gary Goldman:

    Offers Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Relationship Coaching and Spiritual Empowerment for Families and Kids.

    Individual Coaching Sessions: $75.00 per hour

    Couples of Family Coaching Sessions: $100.00 (1 Hour)

    (Series of four sessions 20% discount)

    Call 224 456 7889 for appointments.



    Elvis Dur LNCMT

    Deep tissue, Therapeutic, Fibromyalgia, Sports and Hot Stone.

    Call 847 962 1324 for appointments.


    Diane Ansel

    Ayurvedic Massage, Marma Points

    Call 773 743 8387 for appointments.

    Solay Wellness is Located at: 8049 N. Ridgeway Skokie IL 60076 847 676 5571

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