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Gratitude, Gifts and discounts for all, Solay Wins best skin care award
October 14, 2008

My letter of gratitude....

I would like to first thank all of our customers and subscribers who have supported us since the beginning and have allowed us to continue to help people and pets in so many ways with our products. I'm so grateful for the phone calls I receive everyday from our customers who have become my friends. With your support, even with these economic times, we are able to grow and expand our healthful offerings to those that need and in turn support various other non profit organizations with monetary and product donations. Thank you for helping us achieve this and supporting us so that we are able to continue offering the highest quality, fair trade and essential health and wellness products .

During these hard times, I feel even more strongly that everyone should have a fair trade solay salt lamp in their house and office, comforting them, relieving stress and tension and providing healthy ions that are so beneficial to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Our lamps have been called “magical” by so many people and this is the time that we need this good “magical” energy in our lives believing that we are going to come out of this “hard time” with even greater strength personally and globally. And your purchase helps people get good living wages, health insurance and steady work. This is what I call voting, choosing whom we support with our dollar.

One of our customers and good friends, Austin Seraphin is now a guest blogger on our solay wellness blog. He wrote a beautiful piece on gratitude, read it here on our blog

Our Gift To You…

With every order from us, as our gift to you, we are including our Sole Himalayan salt rocks. The label gives you instructions on how to make sole (solay). Fluid light energy that helps our bodies stay well, balanced, mineralized and can help relieve stress and tension. Add water to these stones and take internally every morning, holding the 250 million year vibration of these stones for 24 hours or keep them in your pocket as gratitude stones described by Austin.

AND $10 OFF…

Also, as our way of helping, we are offering a $10 discount of any purchase of $99 or more. Use voucher code word: Gratitude (in the shopping cart and hit recalculate at or by phone 866-497-0274)

Solay Wellness News:
Solay Wins the 2008 Beauty with consciousness Award.

Natural Solutions magazine for October breast cancer awareness month tested over 600 natural products and we are one of the winners offering the highest quality, non toxic skin care. You can pick up a copy of Natural Solutions magazine to see us and all the winners who produce healthy, non toxic skin and personal care products. Thank you Natural Solutions magazine, we wouldn’t make or offer anything that wasn’t the best.

See all of our organic skin and personal care items here: Browse our website

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed with our 90 day money back policy.

Recent Blog Posts:

18 Points on Natural Skin Health:
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Using Sole to alleviate Psoriasis and Eczema read it here on our blog

Customer feedback:

“Just wanted to let you know that I love all the products I have tried so far. The lamp is just the best! I have very dry skin and the cream and mud work far better than anything I have ever used. I have switched to organic skin care but it doesnt even compare. Thanks for all the great products”—Connie

“Hello. I purchased one of your salt lamps and I absolutely love it. I already had another one(not from you unfortunately) but the cord it came with is junk. I can't find a cord with a dimmer like yours anywhere, and I was wondering if you would either share where you got them, or sell me one separately. I have a firend who wants at least one too. Please let me know. Thank you so much for a great product!!! (By the way your lamp is much higher quality than the other ones I've seen, so you should be proud of that) Thanks again,"--- Ashley

A word from one of our wholesalers:

“I could send you a sheet of testimonies that I have been getting. I have written them all down. I keep loosing weight from the sole, my skin is soft and I had a spot on my face that was raised, it is almost gone! My colon got detoxed the first day.

One of my customers had high blood pressure, 145/80 and went down to 110/62 in just 3 days!! My sister would have 1 or 2 glass of wine a day (which I wished she wouldn't) after the first day she said she had such a wonderful feeling about herself that she now doesn't drink it at all, just after one day. She took a detox bath with a full moon and lost 4 pounds after she got out and her bath water was cloudy. She weight herself before taking her bath!!

I'm half way through the book (water and salt) and it is wonderful information. I also found my little salt shakers and the face scrub samples. Thank you, love them both. Thank you for the great products and my invoice!! Have a blessed day.”—Lynda

Solay Wellness Future:

WE get so many requests with customers wanting to resell our products to their family and friends but don’t have businesses or the space/ finances to bring in inventory. Within the next couple weeks we are launching a new affiliate program that would allow anyone interested in promoting our health and wellness products and making extra income possible without anything more then business cards, and a little time and effort. If your interested, please call me at 847-676-5571 after October 31st to go over details or check out our website page:

after October 31st for new details.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcomed: Contact Us

Wishing you better health everyday and a happy Summer.
Solay Wellness Inc.

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