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August 23, 2007

Whether you live in a crowded urban neighborhood where space for a traditional garden is non-existent, are concerned about the health risks of pesticides and chemicals used by agri-farmers, or simply want the pleasure of a year-round garden, eco indoor gardening just may be the answer you’re looking for.

Indoor Gardening Made Safe, More Productive with Solay Simple Biodynamic Natural Plant Food Mix

Using Solay Simple biodynamic natural plant food , you can garden indoors without the fearing the harmful effects of potentially toxic fertilizers or pesticides, allowing your family to enjoy a variety of fresh plants, vegetables, and herbs that are not only bursting with delicious flavor, but are also natural and healthful - the very basis the entire Solay product line has been built upon.

Of course, because plants work to increase the quality of the air you breathe, you will also benefit from adding an indoor eco-friendly garden to your home, while keeping your herbs and vegetables safe from adverse weather (drought conditions, freezing rain, high winds, etc.) and even outdoor animals, including rabbits, deer and the like.

Additionally, with Solay Simple Plant food, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the plant food you use is safe, including only Himalayan salt, sea minerals, herbs and humus. That’s because nothing has been chemically altered or synthesized in Solay Simple, which is energetically enhanced with ingredients that have been mixed in the patent-pending Vortex Brewer ™ .

Suggested usage instructions for indoor applications:

Potted foliage plants and flowers: for watering the root ball, mix ¾ to 1 ½ tablespoons of mix in one gallon of pure water. Water once per month. For spraying on the foliage and cleaning the leaves, mix ½ teaspoon per quart of pure water and apply monthly. Results will be greatly enhanced by the addition of ¼ teaspoon of Genesis Compound per six inch pot every three months. Simply add the Genesis Compound to the top of the soil and water in with the proper dilution of Solay simple.

Fresh cut flowers: recut the stems and put into a vase with ¾ tablespoon Solay simple per gallon of pure water. Vitality, color and longevity will be greatly enhanced.

Sprouting: A dilution of ¾ tablespoon to one gallon pure water will optimize mineralization and life force in all sprouts. Sprout seed can be soaked and rinsed with this dilution. We do not recommend re-using the same solution in sprouting as any seed-borne contamination can be transferred to the rinse/soak solution. Once-used solution may certainly be used outdoors on lawn, shrubbery, trees, vegetables, etc.

To learn more about Solay Simple and how to use this concentrated all-natural plant food, Click Here

Solay Natural Salt Tip:

Keep radishes safe in the garden. Salt worms (cutworms) will be repelled if you sprinkle seeds with salt, then cover with dirt.

To keep your fruits and veggies healthy and clean from dirt, bacteria, wax, larvae, try our Solay Simple Fruit and Veggie Wash, even when buying organic or growing your own, wash away air born particles, dirt and bacteria.

Have your own indoor eco gardening tips you would like to share? Visit Solay Wellness Blog and share with us your knowledge for eco-friendly indoor or outdoor gardens and email us for a free sample of Solay Simple plant food.

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