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About Sue:


I'm thrilled to recommend Solay Wellness products to my friends and family. They make the perfect gift for anyone.

The world is moving at such a fast pace, I feel our health is paying the price.  When I was introduced to the salt lamp experience, my life changed dramatically. 

My spirit and well being are cleansed. Plus my log cabin has a aura of peace.  Placing the salt lamps through out my cabin has improved the quality of air and mood! I know you think it's impossible that a small salt lamp could change your mood, but believe me.... It works!!! You have nothing to lose except a calm and peaceful outcome.

We all need to slow down..... please take the time to read the benefits of Solay products. They sell so many different things, you will not be disappointed. If the logcabindiva recommends Solay GO FOR IT!


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"Think outside the rock"! 

Feel confident to buy and ask any questions from the Solay team. They stand behind their products and have very high standards.

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Best regards, Sue Riddle


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