Dr. Steven C. Fischer PhD

A Solay Wellness Independent Consultant






32255 Northwestern Highway
Suite 250
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334

Contact Information
(248) 626-7082
(248) 737-6091


Relationship issues
Anxiety or fears

Domestic Abuse or violence
Eating Disorders
Elderly Persons Disorders
Gay Lesbian issues
Infertility or adoption
Loss or grief
Sex Therapy
Impulse Control Disorders
Personality Disorders
Emot. probs related to phys. health

Graduate School: Michigan State Univ.
Year Graduated: 1982
License No. and State: 63001005339 Michigan




" After 25 years of practice, I've learned that people require unique and individualized approaches to help them change. The best psychotherapists are creative, flexible, and harvest wisdom and techniques from many different models. I believe this approach is most helpful and apply my many years of experience in psychology, medicine, and nutrition towards a compassionate style of healing. I like to conduct a thorough evaluation of the presenting problems so that I can provide the best possible care. My unusual background and training helps me to treat a broad range of emotional problems including illness and life stress.

As a former Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, I combine my background in neuroscience and psychotherapy to create a nurturing approach that looks at all aspects of patient functioning. I emphasize optimal health and wellness in addition to understanding emotional suffering and illness.

My comprehensive evaluations look at mental health, diet, nutrition and overall quality of life. A holistic view allows a better understanding of the reasons behind the unhappiness that patients feel. I also offer neurotransmitter testing & natural alternatives to psychiatric medications which, when combined with psychotherapy, are more effective. "

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