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Hi, my name is Nancy. I am 67 years old. I have been a stay at home-house wife, due to physical problems. I have had three back surgeries, depression, weight problems, heart, blood pressure problems, and cancer.  The story goes on.

I made up my mind; physical problems were not going to rule my life. I love people. I enjoy craft. I still make and sell Craft and now Solay Wellness Products. 

 A few years ago I began making items for our local children's hospital. Granny square small blankets to put on the preemie baby isolates, they were cute and colorful. And I made smaller ones for the mommies to match. At that time they used owie dolls, for children to hold as they were getting blood work or shots. I made stand up, time out dolls so the hospital could raise money for their needs. I still enjoy making crafts and people.

 It is my desire to help people see what nature can do by using the right products. I trust you will enjoy my website and all the wonderful products we have to offer you.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again. Your support is appreciated.

Your Friend,


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