Solay Wellness Customer Survey

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A-Having the best quality
B- Free shipping
C-The unique selection
D-Trusted the company
E-Website looked professional
F-Liked the mission statement
G-Wanted to do business with an eco-focused small business
H-Wanted to do business with a woman owned small business
I-Ease of navigation
J-Ease of checkout
K-All of the above
L-None of the above
A-Cheapest Price
B-Best Value
C-Ease of website navigation
D-How the website looks
E-How long a company has been around
F-How well I know the product
G-If someone I know tells me about the product
H-Never purchase online
I-Return policy
J-How fast my order shipps
K-Does the company offer Free shipping
L-Only purchase high quality products

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Updated September 4th, 2006