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Experience the Beauty and Benefits of SO Well Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Lamps & Lifestyle Products

Welcome to the online home of Solay Wellness or SO Well for short. It’s the perfect name for us, because we believe in creating healthier, happier lives with the power of Himalayan salt and salt lamps.

How can we help YOU feel SO Well?

Since 2004, I have traveled the world and worked diligently to create a line of wellness products that tap into the benefits of Himalayan salt. It is our goal to bring the benefits of salt therapy to you and to do it ethically.

Why? We want to empower you to eliminate the stress and strain that’s holding you back. Our products make it easy to harness the power of Himalayan salt in your own home.

Every Himalayan salt lamp and Himalayan salt product we sell is eco-friendly and fair trade.  Whether you decide to cook with Himalayan salt, nourish your skin with it, or enjoy its glow in a handcrafted salt lamp, you can feel good about it.  Even better, it won’t take long for you to see a measurable difference in the way you look and feel.

Join us on the journey, and discover how feeling So Well can transform your life!

Our Exquisite Salt Lights Come in a Variety of rare Colors and unique zen Designs

Our beautiful artisan crafted lights range in color from apricot to orange-reddish, and now our rare set of pearl white and smokey grey lamps are also available.  The colors you’ll see in our salt lamps are from natural mineral Inclusions. They are not man-made or added and each lamp truly has its own inherent beauty.

Only at SO Well can you find these amazing collections of colors and designs to fit any decor from rustic to natural, zen to modern. Our lights are mounted on dark Zen hardwood bases giving these pieces a more ambient lighting effect to warm your indoor spaces.

Our new raw collections are truly unique with horizontal pieces of salt crystal that can be added to floors, nooks, odd spaces and just anywhere you need more light and clean air.

SO Well Salt Lamp Collections Are Made with Passion and Purpose and Himalayan Salt Infused Wellness

SO Well lights are works of art and nature — truly. Each of our fair trade  collections are made of highest quality natural Himalayan crystal salt, mined by hand from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains that span Pakistan. They are 100% authentic and ecologically mined by fair-trade artisans.

Himalayan crystal salt is over 250 million years old and, has been pressured by the earth like diamonds creating a super high vibration for healing, balancing EMF from our indoor environments and offering ionizing abilities when gently heated from a 15 watt light bulb.

The more negative ions your indoor space contains, the more positive results you will get in your overall well-being. Science has proven that negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air and neutralize them.  It’s known to balance moods, help skin conditions; breathing, negative ions play a huge role in our staying well.

Since our daily lives revolve around computers and technology, negative ions can combat EMF (electro magnetic smog) to offset these modern conveniences we all use.  Its all about balance!

Some of our clients using our Himalayan salt lamps report great improvements in their asthma, allergies, sleep apnea, ADD and overall well-being along with enjoying the soothing calm light they offer.

Over 200+ Himalayan Salt Infused Pure Beauty Products, Home Products, Pet Products

Himalayan Salt is 100% natural, unbleached, unrefined, sun washed and sun dried retaining its super high vibration, energy, 84 minerals and life force.  Himalayan salt also has “super properties” such as anti inflammatory, antiviral and anti-bacterial making it excellent for soaking in, breathing, topically applying, eating and cleaning with.

Our clients GET GREAT RESULTS when using Himalayan salt for treating various skin ailments including dry skin, psoriasis, acne, insect bites, fungus and blisters. Our special formulas of hand made skin care products have helped acne, dry skin, wrinkles and blotchy skin.

100% safe for adults and children, our Himalayan salt infused skin care is safe enough to eat – (your skin is the largest organ).

Our Himalayan salt therapy Inhalation products have helped clients off emergency inhalers, breath better, less snoring, reduce symptoms of COBD (when used regular) and fight coughs and colds. Along with proper diet, detoxing and removing all toxic chemicals from your home, including most traditional cleaning products and petroleum based candles, Salt therapy inhalation can dramatically help the inflammation in your lungs and start healing them.

Since 2004 we have been working with clients personally in our retail store and salt room locations and by phone. We have heard from thousands of customers over the years on all the great benefits they get from our So Well natural products and are glad we can be of service to our planet and the communities we have created.  We are ecologically conscious and only offer products that contribute to a better world.

Our Himalayan salt products are recommended by alternative health practitioners and traditional doctors as complimentary health practices as Himalayan salt is 100% safe, 100% Natural  and effective with NO side effects.

Just like plants, the more So Well Himalayan salt lamps you can have in your indoor spaces, the better results you will see. Since Himalayan salt lamps last indefinitely, their power and beauty will shine for many years helping you and your loved ones feel better, breathe better, sleep better and more.  Shop all SO Well Lifestyle products and experience the difference.

Thank you for supporting SMALL BUSINESS. HAND MADE. FAIR TRADE.



I wish you well in the New Year and thank you kindly for the Sole salts and the other extras.

My Lady loves the lamp I purchased for her birthday. The lamp and the light it put out was almost as beautiful as her smile of happiness. Thanks again.


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