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"I purchased 2 neti pots from you earlier this year, for my husband and daughter, and the results have been amazing - neither one has used any allergy medication nor nasal spray all season."---Patricia, NH

"Hello Isabella, I want to express my appreciation for yet another of your wonderful products: the Natural Salt Inhaler.  I have been using it for the past few days, and my breathing seems to have gotten much deeper. I use the salt pipe when reading or listening to music and I always seem to feel much better after the session. I have recommended this item to a colleague at work who suffers from respiratory problems. "--Dan, IL

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Feeling SO WELL

Alternative, Holistic and Natural Health Solutions with Salt Therapy—Dr Oz Recommended.

From the air you breathe to the products you use and the foods you consume, you make daily choices for your health and wellness. Every day your body, mind and spirit require renewal for you to function at your best. This renewal includes holistic therapeutic treatments ranging from detoxification and improving the quality of air you breathe to pain relief, meditation, relaxation and energy.  There are natural ways to live holistically, free of chemicals & drugs using Salt therapy. 100% Holistic, Safe and Effective using Salt therapy.

By using regular alternative salt therapy methods daily, you will notice a significant improvement in your natural health and wellness. For example, the use of Himalayan salt crystals with a salt inhalation therapy product and a Neti pot, can work wonders for people suffering from breathing, respiratory ailments or chronic fatigue. Used for centuries to heal and restore the human body, Himalayan salt crystals are rich in 84 essential nutrients that are important for the body’s overall functioning and immune system. Popular in spas and used in salt caves around the world, salt therapy has been known to reap tremendous benefits ranging from detoxifying the body to increasing lung capacity to take in more oxygenated air.

Local: Our So Therapeutic products are handcrafted by our skilled artisans in the USA

Sustainable: Our ingredients are harvested sustainably and we use 100% reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Global:We work with global producers to harvest the freshest ingredients following Fair Trade and sustainability practices.

Embark upon a journey of wellness with Solay Wellness. As you breathe more easily, detoxify the body of impurities, meditate and relax more, you will be able to engage in more physical and mental activities with ease. Your body will also respond with improved health and renewed energy.



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Natural Salt Inhalers Neti Pots Salt Chlorinators Salt Toncs Salt Therapy Pillows Salt Energy Pendants Salt Sauna Detox Foot Beds Books & Classes