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When I began my journey of healing and wellness, I had questions…lots of them. What type of juices would best help me detox? How do I replenish my electrolytes, Why am having sugar cravings, is this really good for me, and the true facts behind raw foods?

One of the experts I turned to is gifted natural health coach, Walt Ingvoldstad. Walt is a kindred spirit: a raw foodist, environmentalist and energetic practitioner who has traveled the world working and learning from gifted mentors and healers.


Walt has been helping people live healthier, cleaner and more energetic lives for over 30 years. His gift for making mind-body concepts on wellness, holistic health and science easy to understand continues has made his classes at our Illinois headquarters very popular…and his blog on our website a customer favorite.

Many customers come to us for advice on living a healthier life, detoxing naturally, helping with asthma and allergies, controlling diabetes, losing weight or transitioning to a raw food diet. Walt makes science seem simple, and the simple steps of mindful living easier to take.


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Questions for Walt
How much should you drink in a day?

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Radiation Detoxification with Living Foods