Earn Affiliate Program Commission with So Well

Earn Affiliate Program Commission with So Well

Partner with us and start earning 11% + affiliate program commission by showcasing organic, fair trade products that enhance health and wellness (commission details).

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Earn commission from your website, blog or social network by working with us to help share the health.

We are happy to offer everyone our free So Well Affiliate Program. The program is simple and will help you earn money by referring our So Well products.

If you have a website, blog, or belong to a social network, all you need to do is sign up, log in, and get our beautiful tracked banners, text ads and links. Post the link codes on your sites, networks, and blog, and enjoy the benefits from your referrals. You can also use the link to earn money back on your own purchases.


  1. 11% Commissions
  2. 90 Day Tracking Cookie
  3. $15 Article Bonus
  4. In-demand niche products
  5. High conversions online
  6. Updated data feed
  7. Dedicated Management by Green Affiliate Programs


5 minutes to sign up

Automatic tracking by sharesale

Receive notification about new products and specials you can use or giveaway.

Be on our list of testers of new products just by being a partner

Be the first to know about specials and sales

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