Approved Salts for Pools and Hot Tubs

Approved Salts for Pools and Hot Tubs

Approved salts include  Himalayan salt, “pool salt” made for salt water chlorine generating systems, canning and pickling salt from your local market, and some water softener salts. These approved salts are generally available at pool supply stores and home improvement centers in a variety of sizes. Do not use rock salt, salt with more than 1% yellow prussiate of soda, salt with more than 1% anti-caking additives, or iodized salt. Acceptable Salts The amount of salt to add to the spa is dependent upon the size of the spa. Too little or too much salt will accordingly affect how much chlorine is generated. To add the proper amount of salt, determine the volume of the spa in gallons by checking the spa owner’s manual or by calculating it using the following formulas::Spa Shape, Gallons,

Rectangular Spa:
Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.) x 7.5

Round Spa:
Diameter (ft.) x Diameter (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.) x 5.9

Next, determine the amount of salt to add from the following table or by calculating it. If there is already salt in the water you need to measure the starting concentration. Use an ordinary kitchen measuring cup to measure and dispense the necessary amount of salt.
The desired salt concentration is 3000PPM. If there is no salt in the SPA enough will need to be added to raise it all the way from 0 to 3000PPM. If there is already some salt in the SPA then enough needs to be added to raise it from the current level to 3000PPM.

Cups of Salt = Spa Gallons / 27 * (3000 – Current Concentration) / 3000
Pounds of Salt = Spa Gallons / 40 * (3000 – Current Concentration) / 3000

Current Salt Level

Add the recommended amount of salt to bring the concentration to 3000PPM. Use the spa jets to help dissolve the salt. Warmer water will also aid in dissolving the salt faster. If the water is cold it may take hours for the salt to dissolve. If the water is hot it may take 30 minutes.

WARNING: DO NOT TURN THE ColorChlor ON UNTIL THE SALT HAS DISSOLVED. If the salt hasn’t completely disolved and the ColorChlor is turned on it will not make chlorine and there may be a desire to add more salt.

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