Fair Trade Himalayan Bath Salts-Pink with 84 Minerals

Fair Trade 84 Mineral Rich Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Natural Pink Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals  contain 84 essential minerals, more then any other salt, such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium are readily absorbed into the skin. Naturally harvested from mineral-rich ocean waters that dried and crystallized 250 million years ago.

Natural Himalayan bath salt minerals help the nervous system, relieve stress, can relieve water retention and restore a healthy calcium balance, which strengthens bones and nails. Our salt contains potassium, which you need for your blood after exercise, and which you need for moist, healthy skin and all-over energy. Himalayan bath salt Coarse Grain in cotton drawstring bag.

Uses: 2 – 4 ounces of Himalayan salt crystal per bath.


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Fair Trade 84 Mineral Rich Pink Himalayan Bath Salts Crystal Stones

Himalayan bath salts also reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints, Bromides in the salt relaxes muscles and relieves pain and soreness. Patients with recurrent infections have turned their health around with regular salt bathing. Hippocrates encouraged his patients to bathe in warmed seawater in a treatment called thalasso-therapy. Himalayan Bath Salt Rocks in cotton drawstring bag.

Also great for aromatherapy: Place crystals in a zip lock bag , add half an ounce of your favorite essential oils or fragrance ( oils coming soon) shake up well and let sit overnight. Place in a glass or ceramic bowl in your bathroom, living room or anywhere you would like. Every month or so, add more oils and move around the salt. You get the benefits of the ions and the aromatherapy. Can be also used for bathing. Do not consume internally. Keep out of reach of animals and small children.


Save up to 65% and Free Shipping

Soak in the Purest Salt on Earth!

Himalayan Salt is an ancient treatment with amazing results for today’s health issues. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater by observing the healing affects it had on the injured hands of fishermen. Under massive pressure over millions of years, Himalayan Crystal Salt is one of the purest and healthiest salts you can ingest, bath in and breathe. It contains all the elements of which the human body consists of. When ingesting the salt or adding it to your bath water, the result is astounding!

Bathing with Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath Crystals is highly recommended by many healthcare professionals. The energy revitalizing sole bath can either help in detoxifying the body or aiding the body in absorbing its 84 essential trace minerals through the skin. This natural, untreated salt contains a high crystalline structure allowing nutrients to be naturally absorbed at the cellular level resulting in body purification.

There are a number of important steps when preparing and taking a Himalayan Salt Bath:When you begin to run the bath water, add 2-4 ounces of Himalayan Bath Salt. The Salt Crystal will dissolve by the time the bath is ready.Soak for 20-30 minutes. Refrain from towel drying.

It is suggested that you take a 15-20 minute rest after the bath.The number of times a week a salt bath should be taken varies. Generally speaking, it is recommended you take a salt bath 2 – 4 times a week. For specific skin or health conditions, the number would increase.

As the minerals are absorbed in the body by the warmth, the alkaline/acidity balance harmonize and blood pressure will normalize. Skin conditions will be cleansed as bacteria, toxins, and other debris are pulled out. Your skin will be stimulated and rejuvenated. It has a strong purifying and re-mineralizing effect. Energy levels are restored and provide amazing relaxation.

Crystal salt baths like our Pure Himalayan bath salts can alleviate many problems that include: aches, pains, skin conditions, lung/breathing problems, and helps to beautify your skin.


I have used sea salt lamps for at least 12 yrs but I did not realize that there is a difference in lamps until I purchased one from Solay Wellness. I could hardly believe the difference in my bedroom. It felt so calm and serene. Then I went to sleep. I have to say that I had not slept that well in years. The only thing that I changed in my room was I put in a Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp. I have been recommending them to everyone ever since. I have had this one about 3 yrs and it still is as beautiful as the day it arrived. I have also given many of these away as gifts and everyone loves them.

I also use the Himalayan Sea Salts in my bath and in my cooking. In the bath, my skin is so soft and healthy. I add a couple of drops of Lavender Essential Oils and I am ready for bed.

I use the Himalayan Sea Salt in my cooking and find that I do not use as much salt as I once did. I am healthier which is hard to explain. But I know that the use of the Sea Salts has helped me.

I thank you so much for being such a wonderful, family owned store. I have always placed my orders over the phone because I live in Nebraska. Everyone has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. They can answer about any question that you can ask. I Love your place and will be back many times.

Deb Haack aka Mermaid Deb
I have used Himalayan Sea Salt now for approximately 5 years. I even have my children using it. My oldest son (46) has had high blood pressure for years. The HSS does not raise his BP at all. I am 65. I use it to alkalize my body and I noticed that my BP is normal though a few healthcare practitioners expected it to be high as they believe in heredity- my father had high blood pressure, but I eat a plant-based diet and expect to be well.

I use a wheelchair, but all that I do spiritually and mentally helps me with pain, including Christian Science, Qigong, meditation, and on the physical level, I go to the fitness center, get a massage, take Zumba class, do Qigong; as I can, I fit one or more into my lifestyle.

Meanwhile, if i need to, I soak my feet in Himalayan salt. I also use it to soak my veggies and fruit. I love it.

Ayo Maat, Ph.D
Hi Isabella,yes. I did receive it yesterday. Thank you very much for checking. I am praying it ,along with the salt pipe, helps my son's asthma. By the way, I also ordered the Himalayan salt and it is the best salt I've ever tasted. I've always bought natural sea salt and salt from a mine in Utah, but nothing compares to yours. My daughter and I lick it off our palms. It is so flavorful. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for what you are doing. I've been scammed so many times for health products, it so nice to find a reputable company
I am a health care practitioner, who was made ill by faulty mercury amalgam removal 15 years ago. Even though the removal was mandated by a holistic MD, the dentist considered the procedure a fad, and without merit. He did not use appropriate protocol, even with a very pregnant dental assistant helping him. Amalgam was drilled out of the left upper and lower teeth.

I quickly developed severe headache, uncontrollable tremors, which prevented my navigating a spoon of food into my mouth, aching kidneys, insomnia, etc.. The kidney meridian runs through the knees, which became chronically swollen. The holistic MD intervened with 2x weekly high Vit. C IV's with selenium. I have spent the intervening years trying to correct the residues of the mercury poisoning. Have made kombucha for years, taken chlorella, done IV chelation, seen doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and herbs. In short, I had not been idle, and all of the above had brought improvement.

Five months ago, I began taking 1 tsp. of the sole' solution in water on arising, and was startled by apparent deep level detox of residual mercury. In the first week, I noticed dull headache; my kidneys felt uncomfortable. That subsided. By week 5, headache became unpleasant and entirely left sided. My left eye felt initially dry and granular; pain ran through it. Pain also in the left jaw, the teeth, and mastoid bone. The left eye became nearly swollen shut with a painful sty on the lower lid. The eye oozed for three weeks, and in the morning, the eyelashes were stuck together. As the sty drained and subsided, I noticed a rosier complexion, greater mental clarity, and well-being.

Now after 5 months of taking the sole', the swelling in the knees grows less. I had been athletic; that ability and inclination are returning. This detox took me by surprise. It was a bit difficult, but am sleeping deeply again, and symptoms dating from the time of the mercury poisoning are becoming notable by their absence. Thank you.

A New England nutritionist

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