What Can You Do with a Himalayan Salt Gourmet Bowl?

What Can You Do with a Himalayan Salt Gourmet Bowl?

If you’re looking for something that’s beautiful AND durable, look no further than a Himalayan salt gourmet bowl.  After all, the salt used to make these bowls is more than 250 million years old, so you can count on yours to stick around for awhile!  As an added benefit, So Gourmet bowls are fair trade, so you can feel good about buying one.

But once you’ve got one, what exactly can you DO with it?

Thanks to its pretty pink color, a Himalayan salt gourmet bowl will look great just sitting on a shelf all by itself.  However, these bowls aren’t just another “pretty face”!  If you want to make the most out of yours, use it to:

1.  Cooking

Since Himalayan salt can withstand very high temperatures — and even a trip inside your oven — use your bowl to make fondue.  Whether you opt for chocolate, cheese, or some other yummy fondue recipe, your Himalayan salt bowl will be the perfect baking dish AND serving dish!

But don’t stop there…

Himalayan salt can also withstand being frozen, so use your bowl to stir up a batch of frozen custard.  It can go from the freezer to the table for a dramatic dessert presentation!

2.  Serve appetizers

Because these bowls impart a light salt flavor into whatever’s in them, they’re perfect for adding a little extra kick to appetizers like guacamole, salsa, and hummus.

3.  Act as a fruit bowl

Himalayan salt retains both hot and cold temperatures evenly — and for long periods of time — so you’ll be able to count on your gourmet bowl to keep fruits cold and crisp throughout your entire dinner party.

4.  Serve condiments

Want a totally unique butter dish?  Just stick a Himalayan salt gourmet bowl on the table!  You can also use one of these bowls to serve up sour cream, ketchup, mustard, and any other condiment you plan on using.

5.  Replace your gravy boat

Gravy boats are designed to be easily pour-able, but they don’t do anything to keep the gravy warm!  So, stick your gravy and other sauces in a Himalayan salt bowl instead.  If you heat the bowl up in the oven first, it will be able to keep your gravy warm for hours, right on the table.  That’s a whole lot more convenient than running back to the stove for more!

6.  Hold candles

Himalayan salt gourmet bowls aren’t ALL about food!  If you want to use yours away from the kitchen, stick a candle in it.  The flame will accentuate the bowl’s unique color, and you’ll wind up with a soothing, relaxing glow.

7.  Heat up massage balls

After a trip to the oven, your Himalayan salt bowl will be the perfect storage spot for your massage balls.  That way, the massage you’ve been looking forward to will be even better!

How to use:   Before the first use, for gas ranges and electric, preheat the bowl over low flame for 7 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Turn the heat back on low and heat for 10 minutes, then proceed making your recipe. If using an electric range, place a diffuser  on the stove so the bowl is at least 1/2 inch above and sits outside (not touching) the heating element.

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