Cooking on Himalayan Salt

5 Tips to Turn You into a Gourmet

Himalayan salt slabs are great for turning a basic appetizer into an unforgettable experience. After all, why use a plain ol’ serving tray when you can serve things on a dramatic-looking salt platter?

However, Himalayan salt slabs are good for more than just displaying your tasty treats. In fact, cooking on Himalayan salt is fun, and it makes your finished product taste even better!

So, what do you need to know before you start cooking?

1. You’ll wind up imparting a salty seasoning

Cooking on Himalayan salt is a great way to inject more flavor into your foods because some of the salt will naturally rub off onto whatever you’re cooking. Just be careful, though. You don’t want to get TOO much salt onto your food! If you’ve got foods that are moist — like steaks and vegetables — cut them thinly before you place them on a Himalayan salt slab. That way, they can cook quickly, before they have a chance to suck up too much salt.

2. Tap into the power of oil

If you’ve got food that simply can’t be sliced and you still want to cook it on Himalayan salt, oil will be your new best friend! By pouring a thin layer onto your Himalayan salt slab first, you’ll create a buffer between the food and the salt. (As an added benefit, the oil will make your Himalayan salt platters easier to clean later!)

3. It’s perfect for seafood

If you want to really enjoy shrimp, scallops, and other small pieces of seafood, cook them on Himalayan salt. The salt will get into your seafood during the cooking process, giving you a meal that tastes fresh from the sea!

4. You don’t just have to do hot cooking

Sure, a good Himalayan salt slab will be able to withstand sitting on top of your grill or gas range (if you’re using an electric grill, place a wok ring — or something similarly-shaped — underneath the salt so that it doesn’t sit directly on the burner). However, these slabs are just as effective in your freezer. They’ll give you a quick, easy way to freeze homemade ice cream, and the presentation you’ll get to make when you’re ready for dessert will be far more dramatic than anything else you could come up with!

Don’t want to expend that much energy? Instead, place raw vegetables, sushi, or other appetizers onto a Himalayan salt slab that’s been chilled in the fridge. Since these slabs can retain a chill for several hours, they’re perfect for serving up things that need to be cold to be good!

5. They need to be heated slowly the first time you use them

Whether you’re on the grill or the stove, Himalayan salt platters need to be heated gradually so that they don’t crack. Yes, this means cooking on Himalayan salt takes a little longer at first, but the yummy finished product is well worth it!

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