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Earth Friendly Gifts by So Well

Earth friendly gifts are thoughtful and unique. Best of all, they help our friends and family live healthier, happier lives while helping to create a healthy environment and happier communities. To assist you in selecting the perfect present for your special someone we have several gift options. “Isabella’s Picks” is a combination of our synergistic products that makes it easier for the recipient to start living healthier, from improving indoor air quality to housewarming helpers, gourmet gifts and more. Or choose one of our popular starter packages or gift certificates.  We know it’s not always easy to know where to begin, so we’re here to help.

When you give earth friendly gifts your not only showing commitment to the environment but your also introducing your friends, family and associates to a new way of thinking about products. When you support earth friendly products, more earth friendly products are made. “be the change you wish to see” a very popular saying, but so true. It starts with your decision to  use your buying power to support what you believe in and share it. At So Well, we have been importing fair trade salt crystal lamps and hand crafting organic vegan earth friendly products since 2004.  When you shop with us buying your eco friendly lifestyle products, your supporting a cycle of wellness for yourself and the planet. Our products all come with a 90 day guarantee, because we are so confident you will LOVE them.

So many companies claim “earth friendly” but not all are authentic. They may use a “green” ingredient or 2, but at So Well, we are a small business pledging our guarantee that we are truly earth friendly and our dollars go back to supporting more earth friendly products and even our own lifestyle.

Our corporate give giving program and fund raising programs enable earth friendly giving and fund raising on the larger level. See each page for more information and if you have any questions, please contact us at 866-497-0274


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