Go Green: Greening Your Home Basic Tips

Go Green: Greening Your Home Basic Tips

We are now living in an era where pollutants are affecting every part of our lives. Our homes are longer a safe sanctuary from toxins in the air, household items, furnishings, and renovation products. Homes that are plagued by toxins and chemicals can significantly increase the risk of health conditions such as cancer, asthma, heart disease, skin conditions, allergies, respiratory illnesses, and reproductive disorders. Chemicals may also end up in the environment where they pollute groundwater, contaminate the soil, and harm plant and animal life.

Millions of consumers are now searching for earth friendly natural products that will improve the health of their homes. When choosing an earth friendly and natural product, it is important to read the ingredient label. Any product that contains a chemical additive means that is has been chemically treated during processing Chemical additives can include:  Sulfates (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate), Parabens (Methyl-, Propyl-, Ethyl-, Butyl-), and Petrochemicals (petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin). Formaldehyde is another dangerous chemical added to many products. Eco-friendly ingredients include grain alcohol, coconut or other natural plant oils, and plant-oil sanitizers such as eucalyptus, rosemary, or sage.

There are many products that can significantly reduce the number of toxins and chemicals in your home while making your home healthy and efficient with green remodeling tips and clean air:

  1. “Eco-Friendly” Paints are manufactured to contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals found in regular paint that are released in the air. “Eco Friendly” paints are usually made from recycled paint or vegetable dyes and minerals. Some recommended sources are listed below.
  2. “Eco- Friendly” Flooring includes bamboo, cork and linoleum. These types of flooring are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and highly sustainable. Linoleum is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.
  3. Green Furniture means buying furniture that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green furniture will not contribute to pollution and helps decrease deforestation.When choosing green furniture, always look for pieces that have been constructed with certified sustainable wood. This is wood that comes from a sustainable resource instead of the rainforest. Furniture made from reclaimed wood is another option. Reclaimed wood comes from excess wood left from industry and structures. Bamboo is another great green choice. It grows quickly and is very versatile. It can be used for bedroom furniture, flooring, tables, chairs, patio furniture… and much more. Vintage furniture, or second-hand furniture, is another green alternative.
  4. Natural Air Purifiers clean the air in your home without the use of chemicals or manufactured items. Beeswax candles are known to clean the air naturally emitting healthy ions and do not contain any chemical additives. Household plants are a great choice because they absorb polluted air.  Placing Salt Crystal Lamps throughout your home will ionize the air and keep it clean plus salt lamps last indefinitely, reducing their impact and use an energy efficient 15 watt bulb.
  5. Organic and Earth Friendly Furnishings such as pillows and shower curtains. Earth friendly and healthy ingredients in such products include organic and natural unbleached cotton, organic wool, shredded rubber latex pillows, and organic hemp. Try to avoid foam products, platics and synthetic materials as much as possible as those not only have been treated with chemicals that pollute our air and water, but they off gas, so you, your family and pets keep breathing that in and reducing your air quality.

Because so many consumers are looking for natural products to improve the quality of their homes, many companies look for ways to claim they are natural when they are actually not. The key to understanding if the product you have purchased is truly natural is to make sure that you have done your research, read the labels and ingredients and talk with the manufacturers or representatives of the product, so they can further explain the process and why it is an earth friendly and sustainable product.

Going green these days is easy. You no longer have to settle for products or services that are not modern or hip. Many designers in the fashion world, furniture, and home décor are using green and sustainable materials and creating beautiful products.

More green tips for green living are coming soon.

For any help on going green, please contact Isabella, Founder Solay Wellness Inc.  at 847-676-5571.

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