Fair Trade Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine Ground – Table Salt)

SO Well brings you the oldest, most healthful, and delicious salt in the world. The salt’s beautiful pink color occurs naturally from the 84 essential minerals contained within the crystal.

Our fair trade salt is hand harvested by artisans using old world methods. Carefully selected and crushed, washed and dried, our Himalayan salt is unrefined and has no chemical additives.

We know you will love using it.

Our Fine ground salt works in a salt shaker.

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Fair Trade Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse Ground)

Over 250 million years old, our pink Himalayan salt is washed, sun dried and ground retaining its 84 organic trace minerals, purity and vibration.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt and The BenefitsGreat on all your favorite dishes, our coarse Pink Himalayan salt is excellent for baking, cooking, seasoning vegetables and meals or as a finishing salt giving your food flavor and life

We know you will love using it.

Coarse ground salt works in a grinder.

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Himalayan Salt Sole Crystal Stones

These large pink himalayan salt crystal stones are great for grating with a steel grater for gourmet purposes, or for making homeopathic sole.

Sole is a concentrated salt and water solution which unleashes this stored energy in the salt crystal. Taking 1 teaspoon daily of sole can help re-mineralize your body, pull out stored toxins, feed the cells so that your immune system works better and can help you detoxify the body of mercury and heavy metals.

Directions:  In a 8 oz or 16 oz glass jar, fill the jar with 4 or 5 stones, add spring or purified water to fill the glass jar. Every morning on an empty stomach, take 1 teaspoon of sole and add to an 8 oz glass of water and drink. Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking. Works well with many other homeopathic remedies.  Results may vary, but our customers have experienced more regular bowel movements, increased energy, better sleeping, reduced duration of colds and flu, better joint movement, mercury detoxification and more.

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Himalayan Salt Sole Crystal Stones Starter Jar

Use of Sole is a very inexpensive, safe and homeopathic method for getting the necessary minerals and electrolytes our bodies need. We are made of salt water, so replenishing our bodies with pure, unrefined, ionic and colloidal natural salt and clean water is essential to our overall well being. This natural remedy is beneficial for adults, children and pets.

This jar will last 3-6 months. Buy refills when empty.

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How the “salt of the earth” from ancient oceans can enhance our health and our meals.

Himalayan salt continues to make headlines. Health practitioners and gourmands are raving about this 200 Million plus years old, pure crystal salt for good reason. Time and the earth’s pressure transform it into an energized crystalline form, much as coal becomes a diamond. This makes pure Himalayan salt more readily available to our cells, and more usable by our bodies than sea salt is. And Himalayan Salt Crystals are rich in minerals too, containing all 84 minerals present in the human body. Himalayan Crystal Salt is also considered by experts to be the purest and most pristine on earth, as it is harvested from ancient, unpolluted oceans in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

Dr. Oz and other doctors agree: pure minerals and salt are essential for health. Salt often gets maligned in the media, but the truth is salt and minerals are essential for our bodies to function properly. Salt is the main component of the body’s extra-cellular fluids, and helps carry nutrients into the cells. Sodium helps regulate other body functions, such as blood pressure, helping to keep our blood pressure normal. But quite simply, not all sources of sodium and salt are the same. Unlike typical chemically processed “table salt” that is nearly pure sodium chloride, pure, natural Himalayan salts contain a wide range of minerals and trace nutrients just as we were meant to absorb them.

Minerals are the foundational nutrient for the entire body. Every process in the body requires minerals and enzymes. Studies have shown that everyone with a disease has at least one major mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiencies are also present with those dying of natural causes. Organic minerals at a molecular level are also referred to as electrolytes. When we look at the word electro-lytes we can see this: Electrons “turning” the lights on — eg. We ARE electrical energy beings first and foremost and these electrolytes help to increase our energy, balance and add to every system of our body thru the action of there vibration or the unique signature of each of the 84 minerals that are present and their associated electrons.

Watch Health Coach Walt Ingvolstad talk about the benefits of using Sole.

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I have used Himalayan Sea Salt now for approximately 5 years. I even have my children using it. My oldest son (46) has had high blood pressure for years. The HSS does not raise his BP at all. I am 65. I use it to alkalize my body and I noticed that my BP is normal though a few healthcare practitioners expected it to be high as they believe in heredity- my father had high blood pressure, but I eat a plant-based diet and expect to be well.

I use a wheelchair, but all that I do spiritually and mentally helps me with pain,including Christoan Science, Qigong, meditation, and on the physical level, I go to the fitness center, get a massage, take Zumba class, do Qigong; as I can, I fit one or more into my lifestyle.

Meanwhile, if i need to, I soak my feet in Himalayan salt. I also use it to soak my veggies and fruit. I love it.

Ayo Maat, Ph.D
Hi Isabella! Yes. I did receive it yesterday. Thank you very much for checking. I am praying it, along with the salt pipe, helps my son's asthma. By the way, I also ordered the Himalayan salt and it is the best salt I've ever tasted. I've always bought natural sea salt and salt from a mine in Utah, but nothing compares to yours. My daughter and I lick it off our palms. It is so flavorful. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for what you are doing. I've been scammed so many times for health products, it so nice to find a reputable company.
I am a health care practitioner, who was made ill by faulty mercury amalgam removal 15 years ago. Even though the removal was mandated by a holistic MD, the dentist considered the procedure a fad, and without merit. He did not use appropriate protocol, even with a very pregnant dental assistant helping him. Amalgam was drilled out of the left upper and lower teeth.

I quickly developed severe headache, uncontrollable tremors, which prevented my navigating a spoon of food into my mouth, aching kidneys, insomnia, etc.. The kidney meridian runs through the knees, which became chronically swollen. The holistic MD intervened with 2x weekly high Vit. C IV's with selenium. I have spent the intervening years trying to correct the residues of the mercury poisoning. Have made kombucha for years, taken chlorella, done IV chelation, seen doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and herbs. In short, I had not been idle, and all of the above had brought improvement.

Five months ago, I began taking 1 tsp. of the sole' solution in water on arising, and was startled by apparent deep level detox of residual mercury. In the first week, I noticed dull headache; my kidneys felt uncomfortable. That subsided. By week 5, headache became unpleasant and entirely left sided. My left eye felt initially dry and granular; pain ran through it. Pain also in the left jaw, the teeth, and mastoid bone. The left eye became nearly swollen shut with a painful sty on the lower lid. The eye oozed for three weeks, and in the morning, the eyelashes were stuck together. As the sty drained and subsided, I noticed a rosier complexion, greater mental clarity, and well-being.

Now after 5 months of taking the sole', the swelling in the knees grows less. I had been athletic; that ability and inclination are returning. This detox took me by surprise. It was a bit difficult, but am sleeping deeply again, and symptoms dating from the time of the mercury poisoning are becoming notable by their absence. Thank you.

A New England nutritionist

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