Earth Friendly and Unique Olive Wood Kitchen Tools

Gourmet Sustainable Olive Wood Salt Cellar from Israel

Size: 4” dia, 2.5” H, with magnets to keep it closed

For over 300 years, the Babboura family of Bethlehem has created olive wood. All olive wood products on this page are carved from wood that is pruned from young trees and sprouts of trees no longer producing olives. No olive tree is damaged or destroyed in the harvesting of the wood. This assures that the trees remain healthy and the groves sustainable. The wood is dried for over a year and then hand crafted into beautiful, one of kind accessory pieces, each with their own unique grain pattern. These high quality pieces will last a lifetime.

Care Instructions on all Gourmet Olive Wood products: hand wash and towel dry completely after each use. Annually apply a little olive or vegetable oil to maintain and preserve the appearance of the wood. Each piece comes inside an unbleached cotton bag with care instructions. Perfect for yourself or gifts.



Ecolution India Unisex One Size Fits All Organic Cotton Apron – Short Style

Feel good by being part of the solution with our environmentally friendly Organic Cotton  Apron. The eco friendly Organic Cotton Apron is designed and manufactured by Ecolution India Organics from certified organic cotton. Ecolution India Organic products are made from hand picked organically grown cotton, and dyed with environmentally friendly dies. Ecolution India Organic products are 100% vegan, containing no products from animal exploitation such as leather or wool.

Size: 30” x 25” with a large front pocket.

White $12.99

Burgundy $12.99

Ecolution India Organic Shopping Bag with Long Handles and Gusset Bottom

Our high quality organic cotton shopping bags are perfect grocery, market, laundry and gift bags. 100% Organic Fair Trade cotton from India.

Size: 15” x 16.5” x 5”                                                              

$6 each

3 bags for $15

5 bags for $20


Hi Isabella... Just a note to let you know that my order came yesterday. I was delighted to get thesalt stones, and this time I finally got smart and ordered the coarse salt in the 5 lb quantity. BUT... my real reason... I also got my mortar and pestle. I can't express how beautiful it is. The markings in the wood, the smoothness (I just kinda 'fondled' it a few time over the day `{`lol`}`). I treated it with olive oil (as I do all my salad bowls and cutting boards). The oil was pretty well absorbed but I gave it a very quick wipe. Both pieces came out looking so gorgeous. I'll be keeping this on my counter top in a very conspicuous spot... I want to share its beauty. I just love it soooo much I'll be getting a salt cellar over the next week or two. I just can't say enough. Now I am SO glad I didn't buy a marble or ceramic mortar/pestle set. Beautiful. Did I mention beautiful?
Isabella, Thank you so much for sending the ceramic salt grinder to grind my sea salt. It works great and I do think the salt may taste a bit fresher when used that way. I can see myself using both types in the future, one for convenience purposes and the other because it tastes fresher and because it is very pretty in the container sitting out on the cupboard. Thanks again for making the order right by sending this along. It is appreciated. You have a good company with a good support system and that is becoming more and more rare to find these days.
Lois B

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