Salt Spa Chlorinators

Chemical Free Handmade Salt Spa Chlorinators

Salt Water Chlorine Generator for Spas, Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs

Why soak in a sea of chemicals when you can improve your health and well-being with natural salt?

Some of The Results You Can Expect:

  • Savings…only  1.5lbs salt needed per 100 gallons
  • Increases water quality
  • More fun and relaxation
  • Save time and money on maintenance, change water much less.
  • Provides soft skin and a clean fresh smell
  • Much Healthier for Kids
  • No sore eyes
  • No ruined swimming suits,
  • No dangerous Chemicals!
  • Economical and easy to use
  • 100% natural and healthy
  • 1 year warranty
  • Works with all major brands
  • Free email and phone support


The same salt water chlorine generation technology used in swimming pools – customized for portable spa & hot tub use. A Chlorine Generator is a small electronic device that creates chlorine in your hot tub or spa automatically! They make use of salt in the water to make pure chlorine only when it is needed. This amazing device AUTOMATICALLY produces PURE chlorine 24/7 from a small amount of salt dissolved in your water. Chlorine generation is the best option for managing your spa water. Hot water is very conducive to the growth of bacteria and algae, so some level of management is required. You can add harsh chemicals like chlorine and bromine tablets. This has been what the industry has called “water management” for years. This technique requires almost daily attention and quite an expensive cabinet full of chemicals.

Chlorine generators make pure chlorine in small amounts – up to 30 grams, only enough to keep the water sanitary (if properly used). Saltwater Chlorinators are much less expensive to run and provide a natural management producing cleaner, safer and more pleasant water for bathers.  No Installation required! Just plug in, drop in and your ready to go!

How they Work: Chlorine generators also do a great job of recycling. The electrolytic cells split ordinary salt into chlorine and sodium. When the chlorine is used, it reverts back to salt and the process begins all over again. A similar process takes place over our oceans as high electrical charges from lightning occur over a highly concentrated amount of salt found in sea water.

Our units are simple, economical and fun to use for managing your water conditions. It will adapt to changes in your hot tub automatically including water temperature and hot tub usage. When you are using your tub more often, it will make more chlorine keeping your tub clean and clear!
Compare our chlorinators to any other treatment system available and you’ll find it to be the best overall for simplicity, comfort and economy…..and no more offensive Hot Tub Smell. No more soaking in chemicals. All you need is salt, baking soda and vinegar.  
No complicated plumbing, just drop it in and let it do the work.


Completely Chemical Free!

How Much per 100 Gallons?
Himalayan Salt Enables chlorine production 1 ½ Cups
White Vinegar Lowers pH and/or alkalinity 3-6 oz.
Baking Soda* Raises total alkalinity 1-3 tablespoons
Hardness Increaser* Raises calcium level if low 1-3 tablespoons
Phosphate Remover* Removes phosphates .5-1 oz

*optional elements required for some areas depending on local water supply. Dosages provided are given as a reference point to get you started. Actual quantity needed could be more or less depending on specific conditions.


  • Pure Chlorination, up to 30 grams per day
  • 10 Levels of Chlorine Production, up to 1000 gallon spa
  • Salt Level Indicator Lights, Red-low, Blue-good, Green-high
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Polarity Technology  built in
  • Plug & Play! No Spa Modifications Required
  • No Buttons, No Control Boxes, No Timers!
  • Adjusts Production For Variations In Spa Temperature
  • Boost Mode: Increased chlorine production after spa use

Salt Chlorinator with Himalayan Salt for Spas Up to 1000 Gallons

Chlorine Generators (opens pdf file)

110 VAC – Includes 10’ cord w/110 VAC power supply.
For USA and Canada.

Includes: 10 Chlorine Generation Levels, Self Cleaning, Salt Level Indicator, Boost Mode, and 5lbs of Himalayan Salt.



Earth Friendly Penetrating Spa Cleanser Enzyme Formula

The First Step To Clean Water

  • Cleans Away Contaminants & Residues
  • Prolongs Equipment Life
  • Prevents Chemical Build-Up
  • Once a Year Deep Cleanser
  • Not Necessary For New Spas

Directions: Five days prior to changing your spa water, remove the filter, add 1 bottle to your existing heated spa water. Circulate a minimum of 8 hours each day for 5 days. Clean filter separate. Spa should not be used during this time. This is a great treatment to rid of chemical buildup and start your salt water spa system.


Earth Friendly Filter Soak Enzyme Formula

Deep Cleans Filters Naturally

  • Enzymes Break Down Oils
  • Safe For All Pleated Filters
  • Fresh Citrus Scent
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic
  • Safe With Any Spa Program

Directions: Add 1 cap full of filter soak per 1 gallon water with filter and let soak 2-3 hours.



Chemical Free Spa Solution Package

Includes: 1 Salt Water Chlorine Generator, Phosphate Remover, Test Strips , 5lbs Himalayan Salt, 1 bottle penetrating Spa Cleanser, 1 bottle Filter Soak.

Why soak in a sea of chemicals when you can improve your health and well-being with natural salt and earth friendly enzymes.

No more chemicals, great for you and the environment! SAVE $20


Is Salt Safe For My Hot Tub?

Currently there are tens of thousands of salt water spas in the market using chlorine systems throughout the world and here in the U.S.   Salt water systems on pools have been around for at least 20 years and more with tremendous success.  We have yet to have any issues or concerns regarding corrosion and salt water systems.  Today’s typical spas are built with corrosive resistant materials and have very few metallic parts if any that are susceptible to corrosion.  As you know Salt water systems are at such a low saline level of 3,000 parts per million compared to sea water which is 35,000 parts per million.

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Hi Isabella,I got the Chlorine generator Monday, got it set up, and you was right with the amount of salt... it was ready to get in Tuesday (yesterday) and Oh my goodness... the smell alone...made me love my spa again.. when I got in I had to drag myself out after 30mins!! it was so refreshing and clean and soft... my skin was so soft and no burning of the eyes! I love this. and I am so grateful that you had it on your site. I slept like a itching. what a difference with the salt. now I can't wait to get in it again. I feel so much better. thank-you so much. I have your site in my favorites. and I can't wait to see all the other goodies. your the best. and thank-you for everything. looks like I am going to be a regular shopper 🙂 now I have a wellness room thanks to you....Now the sauna is jealous...the hot tub gets to stay. Best wishes and thank-you again,

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