Solay 84 minerals all natural, organic and hand made skin care with 84 minerals

Solay 84 minerals all natural, organic and hand made skin care with 84 minerals

Our beginnings

Our skin is a living expression of the Tibetan wisdom that “what is outside, is inside.” Solay Wellness is about empowerment. Discovering the benefits of Himalayan salt empowered me to create health and wellbeing in my own life. Ever since, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering others so they may enjoy healthier, happier lives too. Our personal care products are the living expression of this journey. Though when I began creating them I wasn’t thinking about Tibetan philosophy. I was thinking, “Just what is in the skin and hair care products I’m buying?” Like you, I questioned ingredients. I knew that with just one tenth of an inch of skin, everything we place on our “outside” enters our “inside”. Since our bodies absorb nutrients as easily as toxins, it seemed natural to create our own personal care line rich in organic, healing nutrients.

Our products

At the core of each product is our pure Himalayan salt… and our core values. We create only items we use ourselves. “Living products”, made fresh in small batches and energetically enhanced, vegan, natural and organic, fair trade and eco-friendly. Himalayan salt is the natural result of ancient ocean water crystallizing— water completely free of pollution. It contains life-enhancing minerals in a bioavailable form balanced for skin health. We combine these with 100% natural ingredients known to help nourish skin at the cellular level. We use only Therapeutic Living Clay (TLC), the world’s finest, ecologically mined from a deposit protected by a zeolite mineral cap for forty-three million years. This 100% pure and organic calcium bentonite clay has superior drawing power to deeply cleanse, clarify and detoxify. Only Grade A essential oils, coconut and hemp oils become soaps and hair care. Each soap is cured traditionally and takes 6 weeks to make. And we never use preservatives, dyes or artificial fragrances.

Our talented crafters

Our talented artisans share passion and purpose: to provide the best, organic products crafted with loving intention for the highest good. To attain this goal we hand-mix batch after batch for the perfect balance. The ultimate test is each must produce results and bestrong enough to be effective, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. We work with skin care experts and test each batch on ourselves. And each only enters our packaging, and your home, when we know it is at its very best.

Our commitment

I stand behind every personal care product as a product will help you look and feel great. And as a product you can feel good about. We use only natural ingredients you can pronounce. We support our crafters, artisans, growers and their communities and are proud to join them in building a sustainable future and cleaner environment. Each product also comes to you in glass and 100% reusable and recycled packaging. For all of these reasons products continue to attract loyal customers worldwide. They return for our exceptional quality, our outstanding personal service…and the way we stand behind each product with our 90-day guarantee. Wherever your personal journey may take you, we hope discovering empowers you along your way.

Customer Feedback:

“Hello friends. First, I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the Green tea body/shampoo bar I’ve recently purchased. I’m a 30yr old male with thinning hair and over the past 3 weeks using the shampoo bar my hair has done a 180 on the way it looks, lays and feels now. I don’t know how, but it’s really helped and I’m a lot happier with my hair because of it:) It works perfect with my shorter hairstyle and also works like magic with my hair products!” –Love and light, Michael

“a treasure discovered” The natural skin care products are extremely soothing to your mind as well as your body! The Bath Salt Scrub is fantastic. I believe the energy of the salts is palpable. I also use the Mud with frequency. I love to put it on my face during my salt bath. My face feels so soft smooth when I am finished. I also use the mud on blemishes. I am told it is good for any sores or muscle pains, but so far I have only used it on facial blemishes. It is amazing!! It will quiet and diminish any blemish almost instantly. At night I have been using the facial lotion. Again, it makes my face feel great. It feels thoroughly moisturized, but not oily in the least. The products somehow make everything feel more balanced, like they are getting exactly what they need. I feel fortunate to have discovered them. I hope my humble opinion may encourage others to treat themselves to the powers of these products”– Susan Wise

“I tried the natural skin care mud Sunday evening and WOW, what a treat to use this product. I put it on before my salt soak, and left it on as long as I was in the tub for about 25 min. and then rinse it off with warm water, and my face felt like my skin was tightened, and so delightfully smooth, like a baby’s bottom. What a wonderful and healthy feeling. Went to bed and didn’t put anything else on my skin until the next morning, and slept like a baby. Thanks to Isabella!”– Margie

Thank you for your support. Please continue shopping with confidence.

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