Health Benefits of a Negative Ion Air Purifying Lamp

So Well Salt Crystal Lamps Are Natural Ionizers

A negative ion air purifying lamp can freshen and ionize the air you breathe naturally, helping you feel and live well. So Well Crystal Salt Lamps use ancient crystals to achieve modern benefits – Guaranteed.

Healthy Negative Ions Feed Our Cells

Breathe in the fresh forest air or a cool salt breeze from the ocean, and you feel the difference. More relaxed, more alive. Many experts agree that being connected to nature and the earth is crucial for health. In the forest the dense trees create an oxygen-rich environment. And ocean breezes are highly charged with healthy negative ions that feed our cells. While we cannot always be near a forest or the ocean, we can duplicate some of their benefits by bringing natural elements into our indoor environment.

Dry salt therapy, known as speleotherapy or halotherapy, has been soothing inflammation and boosting respiratory health since the 1800’s when a Polish physician discovered that breathing pure, ionized air in salt mines cured respiratory conditions. Since then people have sought out the healing “salt caves” of Eastern Europe for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal benefits.

The Health Risks of Unhealthy Air

The American Lung Association recently reported that “more than 142 million Americans” are inhaling an excessive amount of unhealthy air. Even more disturbing are the Environmental Protection Agencies findings that “the level of air pollutants indoors may be anywhere from 2 to 5 times greater than outdoors.” The unhealthy air we breathe has been linked to an increase in health problems such as asthma, chronic lung disease, allergies, nausea, headaches, dizziness…etc.

Industry has responded to consumer demands for healthier indoor air. Unfortunately, many of the man-made air purifiers are not helping to improve indoor air quality. For instance, many industrial ionizers produce considerable levels of ozone. Ozone is an irritant that has been linked to respiratory illnesses. Ozone can irritate the lungs causing problems for people with asthma. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Lung Association, and California Air Resources Board have recently warned against the use of ionic air purifiers because of unhealthy ozone being created and released. As well, many ionizers require changing the filters regularly resulting in high maintenance costs.

Invest In Earth Friendly and Socially Conscious Salt Lamps and Products by So Well

Affordable Aids for Modern Ills

These ancient therapies are affordable aids for modern times. Our lungs are often under stress from outdoor and indoor air pollution. For example, Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends Himalayan salt pipe air inhalers as an affordable, easy way to enjoy healing speleotherapy to help relieve symptoms of asthma, hay fever, congestion, colds and allergies.

So Well Himalayan Salt Pipe Air Inhalers

Pure Crystal Salt lamps release negative ions into the environment, creating some of the benefits of being in a “salt cave.” The emission of ions is primarily caused by the alternating actions of the salt’s ability to first absorb water, and then evaporate it. As the lamp heats, the heated salt crystal attracts water molecules from the air to its surface. The salt goes into a solution as it mixes with the water molecules. Sodium, as a positively charged ion, and Chloride, as a negatively charged ion, are emitted.

Negative ions are electrically charged particles, and in addition to their beneficial effects on our respiratory and immune systems, they help remove airborne contaminates. Negatively charged negative ions help cleanse the air because they attach themselves to contaminates and allergens, which are positively charged. The larger particles formed by this interaction then fall to the ground, and out of the air we’re breathing.

So Well Crystal Salt Lamps Can Help Mitigate EMF Fields

One of the issues nearly everyone faces today is exposure to EMFs, or electromagnetic fields. Actually, electromagnetic fields are essential to life on earth. An electromagnetic belt surrounds the Earth. Every form of life depends on this electromagnetic field of vibration, known as the Schuman resonance frequency.

Air Purifying Salt Lamps

The Schuman resonance frequency states that the average resonance frequency of this belt—the resonance frequency of the earth—is 7.83 Hz (cycles) per second, which can be measured via EEG in the human brain.

The EMF of a typical television or computer monitor, however, is approximately 100-160Hz. The consequences of continuously exposing our bodies to these higher electromagnetic fields (EMF pollution) can cause nervousness, insomnia and poor concentration, as well as stress our immune system.

Crystal salt, in its neutral state, exhibits an exact frequency oscillation value of 8-10 cycles per second. The lit salt lamp therefore, reinforces the earth and our body’s natural resonant frequency, which helps combat the more harmful higher EMFs (100-160Hz) from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

They’re beautiful too, and last indefinitely!

Crystal Salt Lamps are simply beautiful…and beautifully simple. These one-of-a-kind lamps are hand-chiseled to preserve its primordial energy from a solid block of crystal salt, hand-excavated from millions-year-old pristine seabeds at the foothills of the Himalayan MountainsPolish salt caves and rare Persian salt beds. Available in natural, dramatic shapes or beautifully carved designs, these are attractive room accents “with benefits.”

Many people purchase crystal salt lamps for their unique inner glow and warm light rather than their therapeutic benefits. Their deep, serene glow is caused by their rich mineral content. Their natural colors add a sense of serenity and a relaxing feel to homes and offices. As a result, many therapists, feng shui and healing practitioners, doctors, Reiki masters, and others include salt lamps in their offices and waiting rooms.

Crystal Salt Lamps last indefinitely (after all, they are already millions of years old). They never lose their ability to generate negative ions or help mitigate EMF fields, and require only replacement 15-watt bulbs to keep their power and beauty for a lifetime. Making them as affordable as they are attractive and functional.

What to Look for When Buying a Negative Ion Air Purifying Lamp / Salt Lamp

It’s important be make sure the salt lamp comes from a reliable source. Dealing with established companies is crucial to ensure this. For example, at we hire only fair trade artisans who are dedicated to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social justice and to creating beautiful, safe lamps that last a lifetime. We also offer a 90-day guarantee, a good thing to look for when purchasing any product.

Buying a salt lamp for therapeutic purposes? Here are some guidelines on matching your salt lamp to your room size:

Small/medium lamps (5-7) lbs: Place next to computer or workstation to help minimize EMFs. These are perfectly sized for bedrooms, bathrooms, smaller rooms, or grouped together for dramatic visual effect and enhanced ionization benefits.

Medium/Large lamps (9-13 lbs): These bring a beautiful glow and healthier air to kitchens, office reception areas, home offices, playrooms, or place near computer and audio equipment in home theaters or den.

Extra Large lamps (16-20 lbs): Dramatic accents that are ideal for counter displays, businesses, therapists’ offices, in lofts or large rooms, or wherever greater ionization capabilities are desired.

A sample of the some of a few of our shapes and colors:







If you’re using your lamp in a bedroom, or wish to adjust the brightness, look for one with a built-in dimmer switch. Safety can also be a concern; be sure the lamp comes with a steady base and a UL-listed cord. And make sure the lamp is attached to its base. Lamps where the salt just sits freely on the base are unstable and dangerous. Finally, make sure the light fixture is secure within the lamp, and holds the bulb securely.

Are you ready to feel good and breathe well?



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