Unrefined Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil From Greece

Gourmet unrefined extra virgin organic olive oil comes from olives organically farmed in Greece, grown in a small coastal paradise known as Pylos, near Kalamata, on the tip of the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Our oil is pressed entirely from Koroneiki olives, a varietal that has grown in Greece for 3000 years.  Difficult to cultivate and grown only for oil, Koroneiki trees produce tiny fruit. A single olive type, grown by a single producer, is hand harvested using old world methods to prevent damage.  They are picked just as the olives begin to change color, the point when the anti-oxidant levels are at their peak.  The fruit is then cold-pressed using new world technologies within 24 hours to obtain oil of the highest possible quality. Due to its high anti-oxidant level, this is very stable oil, with a shelf life of two years. It takes over ten pounds of these olives to make one liter of oil.

500 Mil Bottle $24.95


The Koroneiki produces an oil of exceptional quality and character, has a very high polyphenol count, with a smooth fruit flavor. It has notes of green apple, fresh grass, artichokes, hints of almond and a light peppery finish in the back of the mouth and throat.

Ideal Uses for Organic Olive Oil

The smooth fruity flavor of this oil makes it ideal for raw presentations such as dipping oil and dressings. It pairs exceptionally well with balsamics, fruit-infused balsamics, and citrus. Ideal as a finishing oil, try drizzling it on soups, meats, pastas, vegetables, and salads during final presentation and plating.

gourmet extra virgin olive oil also works well for cooking and can be used anywhere you would use butter.  Keep it below 400 degrees to achieve the maximum health benefits of the high polyphenol count.

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