Natural Ionizers Polish Salt Lamps

Natural Ionizers Polish Salt Lamps

Famous Polish Crystal Salt Lamps with Wood Pedestal (6-10 lbs)

Research studies demonstrate that salt crystal lamps can increase the healthy negative ion count in a room. Our medium size Polish Salt lamps can benefit asthma patients, people with chronic lung illnesses and allergy sufferers.  They are also striking in design, and add warmth and ambiance to a room. We use this size in our home offices to enhance air quality and help mitigate EMF fields.   How do salt lamps work

Weight: 6-10lbs
Height: up to 8”

Ion Radius: 8’


Polish Crystal Salt Lamps with Wood Pedestal (11-15 lbs)

Our Polish salt crystal lamps are mined in an ecologically responsible manner, and crafted by dedicated Eastern European artisans into exquisite lamps that last a lifetime. Their natural resonance frequency makes our larger-size Polish Crystal Salt lamps ideal for neutralizing EMFs (electromagnetic fields) while you breathe easier with healthy, ion-charged air. Try one or more in your office, kitchen, reception areas or any mid-size room—they’re a simple, natural way to enhance wellness.  How do salt lamps work

Weight: 11-15lbs +
Height: up to 10”

Ion radius: Approx: 10’


About Polish Crystal Salt Lamps

In 1834 Dr. Feliks Boczkowski discovered his respiratory patients experienced dramatic relief in the ionized air of Polish salt mines. This Salt Therapy (Speleotherapy or Halotherapy) is one of Eastern Europe’s great healing traditions. Polish Salt is coveted for its beautifully crystalline surface that’s ideal for carving into art forms and produces an abundance of healthy ions. Polish lamps tend towards deep orange, while Himalayan lamps are more rustic and multi-hued. Our Polish Crystal Salt is sustainably harvested from famous ancient mines for lamps that are as beautiful as they are beneficial.

Each Polish Salt Crystal lamp is hand-carved to maximize its translucent beauty, ancient energy andtherapeutic benefits, and rests securely on a natural wood base. Each comes complete with a UL tested Dimmer cord, 15-watt bulb, gift box and care instructions. Featuring the highest quality salt from Eastern Europe and designed to last a lifetime, they give off a vivid orange glow that enhances any décor while ionizing the air.

Watch Rhianon explain the difference between Salt Lamps


``A couple of weeks ago, I walked into the home of a friend and her place smelled wonderful! The air was clean and fresh and I asked her what she used. She walked me over to a large, orange rock with a light in it - it was a SALT ROCK. She sent me to your web site and I LOVE !

I just received my first salt rock - the Polish Salt Rock - and it is wonderful! It really makes the air lighter and fresher. The allergy season came early this year and I can feel the difference when I walk into my home. And, my two dogs now like to lie below the table where I placed the Polish Salt Rock! Amazing! I have ordered the Around the World Gift Set so I can have a salt rock in every room! Thank you so much! Take care....``

I had ordered salt lamps from another vendor and find your Polish lamps vastly superior. Thank you,

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Environmental Responsibility:

All Polish Salt Crystal Lamps are hand mined and hand chiseled in a socially and environmentally responsible manner always, using only the top 10% of the finest salt crystal available. 

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