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“I’m slowly transforming my life into a more green way of living.  Solay Wellness Inc offered me a step in doing so, through their natural organic beauty care products.”

Blogger Crown’d Vic -Washington DC

Solay Wellness is a company that definitely gets the New Age Mama seal of approval.”

Blogger New Age Mama-New Jersey

“I was very impressed with all of the Solay Wellness products. They were simple, yet clean. They felt pure on my skin.”

Blogger Tips 4 Green-Elizabethtown, PA

Solay Wellness Featured in Books

SURVIVE A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World

By Sharyn Wynters, ND & Burton Goldberg, LHD


One Year to an Organized Life with Baby

By Regina Leeds with Meagan Francis


101 Great Ways to Improve your Health

By David Riklan & Dr. Joseph Cilea

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Dr. Oz shares 2 alternative health secrets that he’s vowed to try this year.

  1. Himalayan crystal salt inhaler: This salt is all-natural and pollutant-free. It helps with allergies, sinus infections and breathing difficulties.

May 17, 2010


Reporter hits the salt pipe this allergy season

Darragh Doiron The Port Arthur News

If you have not heard me go on and on about the nasal bidet/netti pot, you just haven’t sneezed around me. After Dr. Oz showed the world, via Oprah, about this little teapot contraption used to drain salt water through your nostrils, I was among thousands who rushed out to get one. It took some time to learn the technique, but I’m hooked on natural, drug-free sinus relief.

Now I’m on the salt pipe, which I understand Doc Oz likes as well. Colored crystals of Himalayan salt go into this oddly-shaped device and the breather, that would be me, inhales the benefits from the minerals in through the mouth and out through the nose. It feels amazing, and my family is making fun of me only because they are jealous they don’t have their own Solay Wellness Inc. salt pipe. There’s nothing more to explain how good it feels in the lungs and nose, but I will tell you has lines of Himalayan salts to eat, coffees, teas, chocolate, etc., and mineral bath and body products.

I’m hooked on the salt pipe and want others to follow me.


Awards and Certifications

2008 Natural Health Solutions: Beauty with a Conscious Award “Best natural face scrub”

National Health and Wellness Club Member tested and approved program






Featured in these fine Magazines:

TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press, Yoga Chicago Magazine” Environmentally friendly gifts” Dec/2005

Yogi Times Magazine “Unique and beautiful light sources” Dec/2005, Heads Magazine ” Awesome glow review” Dec/2005

Home Lighting and Accessories Magazine ” The Enlightened Showroom of Wellness” Dec/2005

Better Nutrition Magazine, Womans Health Special October 2006 
Article: The beauty of Salt, 84 Mineral Detox Mud Featured

Time out Chicago/ Issue 83: September 28-Oct 4, 2006  Critics’ Pick for Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

2007 Natural Health Magazine Review

National Health and Wellness Club 2007

” S Dish Soap” Natural Home Aug. 2007


Chicago Tribune Article

For years, we’ve been told to avoid salt for fear of bloating (egad!) or, worse yet, increased blood pressure. But according to some experts, not to mention a recent New York Times article, salt is making a name for itself in the world of wellness.

“I think a lot of people have misconceptions about salt,” says Isabella Samovsky, owner of Solay Wellness. According to Samovsky, our bodies are 80 percent salt water, so we have to replenish them with good salt [mineral-rich Himalayan or Celtic versus refined Morton salt] and water. “People [who do] notice a huge difference in terms of energy level, and they don’t get sick as much,” she says. In addition to offering a shop chock-full of salt products (edible salts, salt lamps—which are said to generate healthy, negative ions and cleaner air—etc.), features a range of treatments, from ayurvedic massages ($75 for an hour) to Tibetan singing-bowl sessions ($45), in its rooms, which come equipped with 15 to 20 salt lamps. Otherwise, guests can sign up for a class or simply hang out and meditate in the salt room decked with tiled salt floors, 40 salt lamps and a fog ionizer that replicates the feeling of being by the ocean.

Up the ante, and the number of neon lights, by heading to Portage Park’s Galos Caves (pictured). Between the soundtrack of crashing waves, a mermaid statue and the aforementioned Technicolor illumination, the New Agey spot offers guests of all ages 45-minute sessions where they can kick back in a reclining beach chair, relax and enjoy the scenery ($15 per session for adults, $10 for seniors and students, $8 for kids).

For a more traditional spa experience, check into River North’s Tiffani Kim Institute for the Exfoliating Sea Salt Glow ($70). After the aesthetician sloughs off dead skin with a sea-salt scrub, rinses you off and moisturizes your bod, you’ll feel good as new.


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