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Our Quality Pledge to You: World's Best Salt Lamps And Salt Infused Wellness Products

At So Well our quality pledge comes with a 100% guarantee. Experience the finest best quality in fair trade Himalayan salt lamps and salt products. Shop our So Well Made store today!


See the True Colors of Quality Salt Lamps- Buy Fair Trade Salt Lights

The wide variety of colors found in ancient salt deposits is a result of their constituent minerals drying under intense pressure. But not all products made from salt crystals are of the same coloring or quality. For instance, most salt lamps on the market are made of substandard crystal salts, which are lighter in color than ours, and appear washed out — more like plastic and less like natural minerals. Some of them are so bereft of color that they are almost transparent, lacking in the prized and intense hues of dark red and flaming orange. Our salt lamps from the Himalayas offer radiant yet warm colors, which are intensified when lit up by incandescent bulbs within, or natural sunlight streaming through a window. Even our lighter shades — such as pink and yellow — are more rich and natural looking. We offer only the highest quality salt lamps, because only they produce the deep and beautiful colors that create a far more soothing light.

The same is true of bath salts and edible salts. Deeper, richer colors can only be found in the top quality salts,which provide your bath and your body with more essential minerals, and more healthy negative ions, that give you more energy and greater health. When selecting salt crystal products, always look for the most beautiful colors, and you will see the difference it makes.

You Get What You Give

You get what you give. That pearl of wisdom is true for so many aspects of life, including one’s health. You know that in order to achieve the benefits of physical and mental health, you must make the investment of time, energy, and effort. And it’s all worthwhile.

  • The same is true when selecting the natural products that can help make your life more healthy and enjoyable. One of the reasons why our customers get the finest best quality natural salt lamps and salt crystal wellness products from us, is because of the investment we make in finding the very best:
  • We consider only the top 10% of available salt crystals, and only from the most reputable and ecologically responsible rock salt mines.
  • From these, we select only the highest best quality crystal salts for our lamps.
  • Our natural salt crystal lamps and other products are handcrafted by the most experienced artisans.
  • We work with only the best manufacturers in the field, and provide continual quality feedback.
  • We personally research and test each and every product before it ever comes close to being offered to our customers.
  • We attract the finest manufacturers because of our quality commitment, and over a decade of experience in the natural products community.
  • Almost all of our new customers were referred by satisfied family members and friends.
  • Because of such successful word-of-mouth, we can invest the savings into bringing you the highest quality crystal salt items.
  • Every order is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Make an investment today in improving your health and your personal environment. Try some of our natural crystal salt products, and experience what you get when you choose the very best. 100% guaranteed always.

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