Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

Moist salt therapy that simulates ocean air!

Smart, sophisticated moist salt therapy that generates the largest amount of healthy ions we’ve found in a compact device! One of our best sellers, our Himalayan Crystal Salt fog Ionizer gently vaporizes a sole (or brine) salt solution into a soothing mist that duplicates the therapeutic benefits of ocean air or a salt cave in your own home or work space.

$89.95 + 1lb of Himalayan Salt (BOWL NOT INCLUDED)


Attractive, silent and mess-free, the ionizer uses “cool mist” ultrasound humidifier technology to produce an ion-rich climate in just 2 hours.
Perfect for anyone who uses a traditional humidifier, (we use ours daily) the ionizer can reduce respiratory ailments including asthma, bronchitis and allergies. It cleanses air simply and naturally: healthy negative ions fill your room and bind with positively charged dust, pollen or smoke particles which then fall to the floor instead of entering your lungs.

But its benefits only begin there! Therapeutic, salt caves have been a trusted therapy since ancient times. Our customers love the way the ionizer recreates this environment to reduce inflammation, enhance immune function and support overall wellness. Research also documents the ionizer creates a healthy, neutral frequency in your room, surrounding your body with its own vibrational pattern so you feeling energized…balanced…and relaxed.

How to use the ionizer:

To prepare the sole () for the ionizer, use spring water and very low mineral content or distilled water. Mix 2 pints of water with one heaping teaspoon of our Himalayan salt crystal (included)

Make sure you have enough water in your bowl at all times.

The fog it creates is also ideal for inhalation.

Add crystals and plants for a beautiful and healthy presentation.

About the Crystal salt ionizer:

The ionizer looks similar to a water fog machine. However, a water fog machine is pure decoration, whereas the crystal salt ionizer is a therapeutic device designed to ionize the sole, creating a completely different frequency than a fog machine. Compliments of “Water & Salt, The Essence of Life”


Hey Isabella, thanks so very much for the ultrasonic fog ionizer. It has already saved me from certain ear trouble after a long college graduation ceremony a hockey rink under the vent system. I could hardly breathe in there after 3+ hours Our after-gathering was in a hotel ...a large hospitality room near the pool.By the time I got home, I couldn't wait to plug in the ultrasonic ionizer for a few hours. The next day I ran the ionizer during a nap. I never did get any of the certain earaches that follow polluted environments for me.
My tiny tubes are affected by the slightest inflammation; in the past I have had several burst I was delighted .

The ultrasonic ionizer produces a subtle cool fog. When I have it in a large room or bedroom, I really don't notice it has been on until I leave the room and re-enter. Then, the slight fogginess is briefly evident. It produces a very relaxing environment...and is mesmerizing to watch; the cool fog pours over the edge of the bowl and just disappears.

It is very easy to set up....if you can get past the mixing of electricity and water, lol. I did have a hard time even thought I knew it was all sealed...old habits die hard!

My son who has asthma is going to grad school in OK; I do plan on sending him one of the ultrasonic fog ionizers once they get settled. Also, he is moving back home for a month and I plan on giving him the little ultrasonic humidifier I just ordered to help his allergies while he is here. (He is allergic to cats, dogs, horses. grass, etc..). He has the salin device and has said it really helps him breathe better; he uses it daily in his apartment now. I like the fact the environment changes so the devices work with minimum effort while you do something you already do (sleep/study/breath,lol). Be back soon


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