Sea Salt Caramels

Hand Poured Himalayan Sea Salt Caramels

So Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt Soft Vanilla Caramels – Gluten Free | Kosher

Our delicious, award winning natural gourmet sea salt caramels are hand poured in Montana in small, fresh batches, insuring highest quality and freshness. Our soft, vanilla buttery caramel is hand made with a subtle Himalayan sea salt and sea salted finish that entices the tongue and accentuates the buttery caramel flavor. Soft, sweet, salty and delicious! GUARANTEED!

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About our So Gourmet Sea Salt Caramels

We slow simmer the finest ingredients to create the smoothest, creamiest, most exquisite tasting gourmet caramels. Each batch is hand crafted under the watchful eye of a master caramel chef. So gourmet caramel is all natural…there are no artificial colors, flavors and no preservatives. We use the finest sea salt and fair trade Himalayan salt.

Caramel Ingredients

  • Brown Sugar
  • Tapioca Syrup
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Concentrated Whole Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Sea Salt

Shelf Life

Our caramel is exquisite for 4-6 weeks and still very good for another 6-8 weeks. This gives you a total of 3 months of freshness at room temperature. Fresher caramel is better. To extend freshness by 2 months, refrigerate or freeze our caramel in tightly closed bags.

No Corn Syrup

All of our Gourmet caramels are made with tapioca syrup, no corn syrup is used.

No Corn Syrup

All of our Gourmet Caramel is Certified Gluten-Free.


All of our Caramel is Certified Kosher.

Nut Facts

All of our Gourmet Caramel are made in a facility that does NOT process any types of nuts.


“Your package arrived today. Firstly, these caramels. We have a problem. At current rate of consumption I will run out rather soon. I love them! Let me preface these statements by saying that as a native Philadelphian, I spent many childhood summer vacations in Ocean City, New Jersey, one of the epicenters of salt water taffy activity. A friend of mine claimed that the best salt water taffy comes from Branson, Missouri. I vehemently argued for the Ocean City boardwalk. I may now have to partially rescind my statements. As soon as I tried the regular one, I knew that they lived up to your words, as usual. I love the way they dissolve like a caramel cloud on your tongue. The Celtic salt adds a wholesome taste which really does make the difference, especially when you can crunch up little bits of salt around the edges. Spectacular! Now as to the chocolate ones. They start out tasting pretty much like the wonderful buttery regular ones, but with a little hint of something different, and the first-time taster may just asssume they only have a little minor chocolate flavor. Suddenly the whole thing explodes like a firework and you taste the dark chocolate and again that wonderful crunchy salt. I think the caramels contribute to the good mood of this message. I also enjoyed the shampoo and soap. Thanks again.” Austin S, a very loyal SO WELL customer!

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