“I’m so excited to be turning 50. I think I look better than ever thanks to the Eye & Neck Cream and the Moisture Therapy. Really, there’s no wrinkles! Just at my eyes when I smile. And, I’ve never had any cosmetic surgery. I had microdermabration done once, but hated it. I believe in feeding your skin, not torturing it! I live a chemical-free organic lifestyle and that probably helps a lot. And I do eat lots of olive oil, it’s great for the skin.”


Owner Eco Green Organics, CA

“I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner from Wellness for some years now. I love these products because the ingredients are safe, natural, quality, simple and effective. I try to be very conscious about what I buy and who I buy from. In this case, I feel super good about both.”


Todd Fink

Giving Tree Band

“Isabella, Thank you again for the absolutely wonderful customer service, it is always such a delight to visit you.  We can’t wait to see your new place when you move.  You truly go above and beyond and we appreciate and love your products!

I am so glad I got my Polish salt lamp back from my daughter’s room and I am finally sleeping more peacefully and feel refreshed.  We put the Persian one in her room and she loves it  and as you’ll see below she loves the Himalayan floor lamp as well and so do our cats!  We pretty much have a lamp in every room except our bathrooms and it truly has changed the feeling in our place.  Our living room used to feel very chaotic with all the electronics in there and now it’s very soothing and warm”

Mike and Sarina

“Hello there Isabella,  I couldn’t believe how fast the rest of the order came, thanks so much . And thanks so much for the salt rocks and previous tea bags. I love the shitake mushroom seasoning,yum. I used on roasting vegetables and it was  very earthy and tasty. I’m hooked. I really love the shampoos and conditioner that I have tried. The shampoo doesn’t lather like commercial products, and is much less viscous than most shampoos. It leaves your hair light and soft, even in “hard” water. The conditioner isn’t “slick” on your hair like commercial products, but that is no indicator of its effectiveness. Leave it on for a few minutes and you will truly be amazed when you wash it out (even in hard water). Your hair will feel so soft, will stay untangled, and will be residue-free. It will stay cleaner longer because it is not attracting “dust” from the environment like regular products do. I truly cannot stand “product” left on my hair, which even the most expensive conditioning products do. They do leave my hair “heavy” and it needs to be washed every other day. When I use products, I can go one more day in-between washings and my hair looks and feels great.
I have no idea why your hair products last so long, but i am not one to be complaining about that! Those little bottles seriously must be magic…they really do last a long time, and I have LOTS of thick hair. Thanks for developing such an awesome product. I didn’t know what I was missing! I’ll be back soon. Namaste’


“Hi Isabella, Thank you once again for your speedy response. You certainly seem to run your business in a principled way and I truly appreciate it. I know that things can’t be perfect all the time, and thank you for your proposed action. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a fulfilled New Year.”


“Good morning, Isabella, and blessings of this gorgeous full moon— I wanted to let you know that my most recent order arrived safely, everything in perfect shape, and I thank you! My life as I knew it continues to change with respect to my skin. As I mentioned before, it’s always been cranky and sensitive, and after years of experiment-ation with all manner of products, I’d pretty much given up on ever finding anything that my skin would tolerate. Even gentle rubbing with pure water to remove dead skin usually resulted in a blistery red rash, and I’d pretty much resigned myself to this fate.

Then came gentle rubbing with slightly dilute Sole, and then your wonderful moisturizing creme, and now the gentle scrub. Honestly, with each one, I’ve applied it gingerly and just waited for the trouble, but instead my skin has just bloomed. It really didn’t look this fresh and hydrated when I was twenty…..which was a while ago! I still can’t quite believe it, but I beg you never to abandon your business and always to offer these wonderful products.

Also, I wanted to mention how completely happy I am with all the varieties of Himalayan salt. For a few years I’ve enjoyed trying out the many gourmet salts that are popular now, but after a week of cooking and sprinkling the ground rock salt, the coarse ground salt, and the fine ground salt you carry, it was obvious where the quality, purity, and flavor were most, and where my family’s health was blessed.

We had a grand time stacking up all the other salts, as well as all other skin care products, and boxing them for one of our local charities, which means that not only do we now have the best of both salt and skin care……we also have a lot more cabinet space! Thanks and thanks, Isabella! And thanks especially for the thoughtful little “extras” you tuck into the boxes; the candies will definitely be on my next order. 🙂 Namaste


“No question…I just wanted to let you know that all my interactions with your company have been topnotch. Products are shipped quickly and they are of the highest quality. Thank you for all your hard work!”


“I wish you well in the New Year and thank you kindly for the Sole salts and the other extras. My Lady loves the lamp I purchased for her birthday. The lamp and the light it put out was almost as beautiful as her smile of happiness. Thanks again. “


“Dear Isabella, I received my shipment of salt rock lamps and other items and was very pleased. They are beautiful and create such a nice glow in the bedroom and family room. I’m sure my family will be thrilled with their gifts as well. Thanks so much for the samples also. I can’t wait to try them. Our 13 yr old Australian Shephard loved the “cookie”. It was a real pleasure ordering from you and your co.—you definitely practice true “customer service”. I’ll be calling soon to order more lamps! Thanks,”


“Hi, I just received the Hungarian salt pipe and I love it! Thank you so much and also, thank you for the skin care and shampoo samples. I really appreciate all you have done for me and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best wishes,”



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