“I'm so excited to be turning 50. I think I look better than ever thanks to the Eye & Neck Cream and the Moisture Therapy. Really, there's no wrinkles! Just at my eyes when I smile. And, I've never had any cosmetic surgery. I had microdermabration done once, but hated it. I believe in feeding your skin, not torturing it! I live a chemical-free organic lifestyle and that probably helps a lot. And I do eat lots of olive oil, it's great for the skin.” Cat, Owner Eco Green Organics, CA

"I've been using the shampoo and conditioner from Wellness for some years now. I love these products because the ingredients are safe, natural, quality, simple and effective. I try to be very conscious about what I buy and who I buy from. In this case, I feel super good about both."

Thanks, Todd Fink, Giving Tree Band

"Isabella, Thank you again for the absolutely wonderful customer service, it is always such a delight to visit you.  We can't wait to see your new place when you move.  You truly go above and beyond and we appreciate and love your products! 

I am so glad I got my Polish salt lamp back from my daughter's room and I am finally sleeping more peacefully and feel refreshed.  We put the Persian one in her room and she loves it  and as you'll see below she loves the Himalayan floor lamp as well and so do our cats!  We pretty much have a lamp in every room except our bathrooms and it truly has changed the feeling in our place.  Our living room used to feel very chaotic with all the electronics in there and now it's very soothing and warm"---Mike and Sarina

"Hello there Isabella,  I couldn't believe how fast the rest of the order came, thanks so much . And thanks so much for the salt rocks and previous tea bags. I love the shitake mushroom seasoning,yum. I used on roasting vegetables and it was  very earthy and tasty. I'm hooked. I really love the shampoos and conditioner that I have tried. The shampoo doesn't lather like commercial products, and is much less viscous than most shampoos. It leaves your hair light and soft, even in "hard" water. The conditioner isn't "slick" on your hair like commercial products, but that is no indicator of its effectiveness. Leave it on for a few minutes and you will truly be amazed when you wash it out (even in hard water). Your hair will feel so soft, will stay untangled, and will be residue-free. It will stay cleaner longer because it is not attracting "dust" from the environment like regular products do. I truly cannot stand "product" left on my hair, which even the most expensive conditioning products do. They do leave my hair "heavy" and it needs to be washed every other day. When I use products, I can go one more day in-between washings and my hair looks and feels great. 
I have no idea why your hair products last so long, but i am not one to be complaining about that! Those little bottles seriously must be magic...they really do last a long time, and I have LOTS of thick hair. Thanks for developing such an awesome product. I didn't know what I was missing! I'll be back soon. Namaste'-- Jill 

"Hi Isabella, Thank you once again for your speedy response. You certainly seem to run your business in a principled way and I truly appreciate it. I know that things can't be perfect all the time, and thank you for your proposed action. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a fulfilled New Year."--Karen

"Good morning, Isabella, and blessings of this gorgeous full moon--- I wanted to let you know that my most recent order arrived safely, everything in perfect shape, and I thank you!   My life as I knew it continues to change with respect to my skin.  As I mentioned before, it's always been cranky and sensitive, and after years of experiment-ation with all manner of products, I'd pretty much given up on ever finding anything that my skin would tolerate.  Even gentle rubbing with pure water to remove dead skin usually resulted in a blistery red rash, and I'd pretty much resigned myself to this fate.

Then came gentle rubbing with slightly dilute Sole, and then your wonderful moisturizing creme, and now the gentle scrub.  Honestly, with each one, I've applied it gingerly and just waited for the trouble, but instead my skin has just bloomed.  It really didn't look this fresh and hydrated when I was twenty.....which was a while ago!  I still can't quite believe it, but I beg you never to abandon your business and always to offer these wonderful products.

Also, I wanted to mention how completely happy I am with all the varieties of Himalayan salt.  For a few years I've enjoyed trying out the many gourmet salts that are popular now, but after a week of cooking and sprinkling the ground rock salt, the coarse ground salt, and the fine ground salt you carry, it was obvious where the quality, purity, and flavor were most, and where my family's health was blessed. 

We had a grand time stacking up all the other salts, as well as all other skin care products, and boxing them for one of our local charities, which means that not only do we now have the best of both salt and skin care......we also have a lot more cabinet space! Thanks and thanks, Isabella!  And thanks especially for the thoughtful little "extras" you tuck into the boxes; the candies will definitely be on my next order.  :) Namaste--- Rebecca

"No question...I just wanted to let you know that all my interactions with your company have been topnotch. Products are shipped quickly and they are of the highest quality. Thank you for all your hard work!" Liz

"I wish you well in the New Year and thank you kindly for the Sole salts and the other extras.  My Lady loves the lamp I purchased for her birthday.  The lamp and the light it put out was almost as beautiful as her smile of happiness.  Thanks again.  "--Robert

"Dear Isabella, I received my shipment of salt rock lamps and other items and was very pleased. They are beautiful and create such a nice glow in the bedroom and family room. I'm sure my family will be thrilled with their gifts as well.  Thanks so much for the samples also.  I can't wait to try them.  Our 13 yr old Australian Shephard loved the "cookie".  It was a real pleasure ordering from you and your co.---you definitely practice true "customer service".  I'll be calling soon to order more lamps! Thanks,"--   Patty

"Hi, I just received the Hungarian salt pipe and I love it!  Thank you so much and also, thank you for the skin care and shampoo samples.  I really appreciate all you have done for me and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best wishes,"-- Michele   

"Good Morning Isabella....The reallly big salt lamp arrived safely and is all that I hoped for.  Your selection for me is perfect.  It is comfortable shopping with you as I always know that I will get what I am looking for and you are a delight to shop with.  Thank you,"-- Carol

"Sometimes your head itches and no matter how well you rinse your hair, no matter how often you shampoo, it still itches!

So, it was with grateful pleasure that our team tried this soothing Green Tea Shampoo: we became hooked on the fact that itching stopped, and even dandruff abated! How great is that? It’s terrific if you have been searching for a natural product for your sensitive scalp and nothing has quite worked to alleviate scratching and flaking.

This shampoo is soooo gentle, and yet it cleans thoroughly! The ingredients are organic green tea, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, jojoba oil, Wellness Water, Himalayan salt, soy protein, vegetable glycerin and potassium hydroxide. Note that there are NO preservatives, parabens, SLS, waxes or fragrances - just gentle, soothing, good for your skin and hair ingredients.

Think of how good green tea, coconut oil and Himalayan salt are for your insides: nutrient dense, mineral-filled, antibacterial, antioxidant etc! Now you can take all those healing, soothing nourishment and apply it directly to your hair and scalp: it’s brilliant AND natural!
The consistency of the shampoo is slightly thinner than most, allowing it to easily spread through your hair…we think we use LESS of this shampoo because of this. The lather is not overwhelming, and yet it gets to every strand and rinses out easily. Our favorite part is that after drying and styling, our hair is not only shiny and clean, but our scalps do NOT itch, no matter how many days go by.

Really, the ingredients are marvelous for any type of hair, but if you have been suffering from itching or flaking definitely give this soothing shampoo a try as it works! Great ingredients, GREAT results, we are all fans of this shampoo as it’s Pure Zing!

“We really were so surprised! I mean, we really didn’t expect that this shampoo would be different from any other dog shampoo, but it is! It was so unexpected! There really is a difference and it shows on his skin and coat: so much more silky and fluffy, and his skin has healed.”

Those were the words of Rhetta: Buster’s owner. Since the Pure Zing team is fresh out of dogs right now, we gave our dog shampoo sample to a neighbor. Her dog, Buster, had been scratching and she was afraid that she was going to have to take him to the vet and get some serious medicine.

To the rescue! We encouraged her to bathe Buster in this shampoo and there were immediate results! We saw Buster the next day and his coat not only looked fluffier that we had ever seen it, it was soooooo soft! The owner, thinking that this might have been some kind of fluke (although she did not tell us that at the time) decided to use the shampoo again and this time, she left the lather on two minutes which the bottle recommends but she had not done the first time.

Buster’s skin got even better, and his coat, if you can imagine, was silkier and looked whiter and cleaner than even before! That’s when we got the above testimonial. NOW our neighbor was totally convinced: she was estatic and Buster was prancing around obviously pleased with his appearance and lack of itchiness.

“The first time his skin looked so much better, and his coat was soft, but NOW….well, its really amazing shampoo! He just looks wonderful, don’t you think… and his skin is totally healed and he’s silky and fluffy. I’m convinced that this dog shampoo really IS different!”
If that true testimonial is not enough to convince you, then maybe the ingredients will: mineral rich Himalayan salt, Aloe, oatmeal, wheat germ and coconut derived surfactants. There are NO parabens, NO SLS, no preservatives or waxes to irritate or even clog sensitive skin. Just, good ingredients and restorative and healing Himalayan Crystal salt!

Buster is the proof. He looks Mahhhhvellous! His owner is thrilled and vows that this is the only dog shampoo that will touch Buster’s skin and coat from now on. If your dog’s coat and skin could use some TLC, then be sure and try this soothing and super cleaning shampoo with only natural ingredients: it’s Pure Zing!

"Isabella, I do hope you see this reply. I had been looking for really good quality salt lamps for quite some time and just never felt comfortable with what I saw...My order came yesterday and I was thrilled!  Everything was just perfect; the craftsmanship, sizes, shapes, colors, etc.  Really, really, nice...Thanks so much for caring to do things right.

What caught my eye at first was the quality of your website, which in fact, lured me into taking the chance to buy the salt lamps.  The website is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate...Then, a colleague of yours contacted me to see if a substitution could be made on size so the shipment could come sooner than later... excellent customer service.  Very generous of you to do so. I am into natural products too, so I am about to order some cleaning and personal care products to try.

Again, my thanks... I wish you much success with your business... 



"I recently received the Gentle Face Scrub and the Natural Tooth Powder (Tangerine and Lemon Lime). I am extremely happy and thrilled. I never even knew about Himalayan crystal salt until an esthetician friend told me about it, and I found your website. The Face Scrub is amazing and makes my skin smooth, soft and radiant instantly, like no other face scrub I've tried (and I use all natural and organic products). I'll be using and buying it for as long as you sell it. I've been using the Tangerine Tooth Powder and I love it. It is the
best tooth powder I have ever used. It makes my teeth incredibly clean, smooth, and white, and it freshens my whole mouth all day. Instead of rinsing my mouth out after brushing, I swallow the tiny amount of powder still in my mouth; I hope that's okay!" Joanne


"Isabella, Well - I am now ordering for additional lamps for our home. Currently, I have one in our (me and my husband's) bedroom and one in our sons room. My one son has Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) AND Autism.  He has suffered from sleep disruptions for over 5 years (he will be 6 in June).  Within a week of this salt lamp being in my son's room - he started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I am shocked, please, over joyed.  I have ordered a lamp for my daughter's room and some for the downstairs.  This is just a miracle lamp and we love it!"--CW


“I am a health care practitioner, who was made ill by faulty mercury amalgam removal 15 years ago.  Even though the removal was mandated by a holistic MD, the dentist considered the procedure a fad, and without merit.  He did not use appropriate protocol, even with a very pregnant dental assistant helping him.  Amalgam was drilled out of the left upper and lower teeth.

I quickly developed severe headache, uncontrollable tremors, which prevented my navigating a spoon of food into my mouth, aching kidneys, insomnia, etc..  The kidney meridian runs through the knees, which became chronically swollen.  The holistic MD intervened with 2x weekly high Vit. C IV's with selenium.  I have spent the intervening years trying to correct the residues of the mercury poisoning.  Have made kombucha for years, taken chlorella, done IV chelation, seen doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupuncture and herbs.  In short, I had not been idle, and all of the above had brought improvement.

Five months ago, I began taking 1 tsp. of the sole' solution in water on arising, and was startled by apparent deep level detox of residual mercury. http://www.natural-salt-lamps.com/sole.html  In the first week, I noticed dull headache; my kidneys felt uncomfortable.  That subsided.  By week 5, headache became unpleasant and entirely left sided.  My left eye felt initially dry and granular; pain ran through it.  Pain also in the left jaw, the teeth, and mastoid bone.  The left eye became nearly swollen shut with a painful sty on the lower lid.  The eye oozed for three weeks, and in the morning, the eyelashes were stuck together.  As the sty drained and subsided, I noticed a rosier complexion, greater mental clarity, and well-being.

Now after 5 months of taking the sole', the swelling in the knees grows less.  I had been athletic; that ability and inclination are returning. This detox took me by surprise.  It was a bit difficult, but am sleeping deeply again, and symptoms dating from the time of the mercury poisoning are becoming notable by their absence.  Thank you. “---A New England nutritionist.

"Hi, I am so enjoying my salt lamps, but I think my cat likes it more.  She has a skin condition ( more than allergies)  and she is constantly  itching and scratching.  I take her to a holistic vet and he has had her on some omega 3 oils and a small pill to help her.
Since I have gotten my lamps, she has stopped itching and scratching, seems very calm and sleeping so well.  She was curious about the lamp when I first got it, but now she just lays on the floor somewhere near the lamps and does what cats to best.  SLEEP!!!  We do bath her with a special soap every 2 weeks.  Now I am wondering if maybe the salt soap would be a good thing. 

I am going to take some literature about your lamps to the vet.  I know he has other patients that would be interested. I just ordered more lamps for gifts. Thanks"---  jan

"Dear Isabella,

Your lamps are absolutely beautiful.  My enjoyment and appreciation of them never ceases to amaze me when I walk in a room or am near one.

I have to share with you my experience with your wonderful sole.   When I began, each morning after taking it there was considerable coughing, so knew it was clearing the lungs.  I also noticed after a number of days that I was more relaxed.  After about 5 weeks it dawned on me that my craving for sugar was gone.  Also, a white bump that has been on my cheek near the nose (for many years) seemed smaller.  One more thing I cannot forget to mention -- my skin became silky smooth from drinking sole.  Recently I added another tsp of sole and a tsp of Alkalive Green powder by Phion (alkalizing formula) to a liter of water to drink throughout the day.  As a result,  the white spot on my cheek has almost disappeared, and my hunger between meals is reduced because it gives my body just the perfect little boost and balance it needs glass by glass.  I decided to share Himalayan salt with my friends and massage clients.  

One of my regular clients had developed a little nodule on the Achilles heel of each foot.  They were painful to touch, yet he had hesitation about going to a Dr. and this went on for several months.  One day I suggested he try
the sole internally, and, use one of the salt rocks on the area as well when showering.  He said yes to the idea.  He came back in two weeks all smiles and said "Guess what, the nodules on my heels are half gone".  He is very
grateful to have something noninvasive to work with, and that is obviously helping.  It just goes to show that when we are missing our minerals, there are signs in the body and in our habits.

I will continue to share these wonderful products with my clients and am experimenting with the 84 Mineral Therapy Detoxifying Mud Mask, not to mention the salt baths."---Pamela Markley, Licensed Massage Therapist in NYC


"On another note, I did receive my granola.  Thanks, it is very yummy and will keep my stomach from growling while I am too busy at work to eat.  Also thanks for your great free gifts of salt rocks from my last order of salt.  I just love your pink salt and I am pleased to be a return cutomer. Thanks a Bunch!" Helen


"I purchased 2 neti pots from you earleir this year, for my husband and daughter, and the results have been amazing - neither one has used any allergy medication or nasal spray all


"I was so delighted to find a natural cleaner that I could use,  the natural cleaners in the grocery store are so heavily fragranced that I actually get ill from them.  What a delight to find your simple cleaners, plus they work.I had ordered salt lamps from another vendor and find your Polish lamps vastly superior."--Thank you, Lynette


"We would like to say we LOVE our 4 salt lamps!  Thank you for making available such a beautiful product."--Kenna


"Hi Isabella~
We received our purple lamp today:) My husband and I are very pleased! We're putting it in our massage room. I want to tell you how impressed we are with your contact letting us know you received the 1st lamp back, and the color was off, as well as the prompt, friendly service. I highly recommeneded your lamps to a friend and coworkers, and I know we'll be purchasing more in the future for our home. Thanks again for making sure we were completely satisfied. So nice to experience real customer service. We so appreciate all of your help."---Lori


"Hello Isabella...
Thank you for sending the lamp so promptly, also, thanks for the free samples. I'm sorry it has taken me almost a week to send this email. I want you to know how much I really like the lamp I ordered. I've shown it to all of my friends and neighbors, along with your shop information. I hope it brings many orders your way. :) May you be blessed, Thanks so much"--- Deborah


"Dear Wellness, I want to say THANK YOU for the extra candle holder you sent me to replace the extra shipping I paid on Amazon. More companies should give your kind of personal and caring treatment to their customers....they'd sell more if they did. I'll be purchasing from you again very soon! Warm Regards,"---Felice


"Dear Isabella,
My package arrived safely and all the lamps are lovely and different.  I live in a smallish house and I do believe I am running out of electric outlets to plug salt lamps in!  I do love them and find them beautiful and comforting.  Thank you for your special picks!"---Betsy


"Thanks, Isabella!  It's nice to know all of this info and I certainly appreciate your responses to my emails.  I was so excited when I got home late tonight after spending many hours away to see if I could notice any difference in the room.  Before leaving, I put the largest lamp in my bedroom and closed the door.  I came home to a fresh smelling room!!! Obviously it works great and is beautiful too!  I'm thrilled!  At first, I honestly thought it was just me "thinking" it had really changed the air quality so I shut the door and asked my husband to go in and when he did, he said he noticed the same thing! You have a happy customer! "---Lois


"Did you see the news?!!!! Health officials in Boston have warned us to throw out any tooth paste made in China, any Colgate made in South Africa, and any tooth paste with no ENglish on the label. Boy, I sure feel glad I use smile Tooth Powder!--Austin


“Hello Isabella,

I received my Salt Crystal Lamps on the 1st June.Safe and sound(no damage whatsoever).Very efficient Postage service. The lamps are really beautiful. Thank-you very much. Take Care and you never  know we may talk again one day.”  Regards. Jean, Australia


“Just wanted to thank you for sending the candles that had been accidentally left out of my recent order.  I received the candles last week - thank you so much!  My friend loved the candle holder I gave her, though it was difficult to decide which one I wanted, because they are so lovely. Have a great weekend” - Dawn


“Isabella, The smooth Polish lamp is so stunning and modern-looking. I think Helen will love it. My son's lamp is really very beautiful. I especially love that salt lamps work constantly for so little electricity. The environment they create is so relaxing and fresh.  We have 2 white/purple Persians and a reddish small Himalayan lamp in the bedroom. For the first time in years, my husband, who used to get up 2 times a night to visit the restroom, now sleeps through the night.  We have only had the lamps for a few weeks, and they have made a dramatic difference.”—Jill M.


“Hi, Isabella--

Belatedly, let me tell you how surprised and delighted I was to receive the salt pipe so fast (did not realize you were in Skokie); after emailing you the day before that I wanted it after all, its speed-of-light appearance was like magic.  :) I have CFIDS and severe allergies, and often things that ought to help make me worse, so I began very, very carefully with the pipe--just three breaths, and then a few hours later another three deep breaths. And was astonished at the results!

After the first, I began to cough a little, but after the second I coughed more and all sorts of stuff began coming up from my bronchial tubes---congestion I didn't even know was there.  This has happened before only with a liquid homeopathic made in Switzerland, which isn't available in the U.S. anymore, but even it wasn't this effective.

It really got my attention!  I'm proceeding cautiously, but I think this can only do me good, and I'm delighted.

Thanks for the information, and I'm sure I'll be contacting you again. With all good wishes...and very happy thanks!”---Rebecca


"Hi Isabella! I left a message on the voice mail, hope it reaches you. Just to reiterate - your contribution to the Omega Wellness Center is simply incredible. We are continually admiring the beauty of the product, and concurrently in awe of your generosity. Simply stellar on all realms. I look so forward to sharing your information with as many people as possible. Our Director and CEO will both get a 'chunk' of salt to place in their office as a 'gift from you' to them and Omega.

In a word: Fantastic. Thank you for sharing these gifts. "

"I just wanted to say that yesterday, I received the order I placed. Boy, was I amazed at the quality of the Himalayan lamps and candle holders! I put two of them to work and was immediately rewarded with a soft glow and warmth! I cant wait to try the sole and I have added your website to "my favorites" on my computer!! Thank you for such great products, shipped in a timely manor and very high quality!"--Heather

"Thank you so much. By the way, I just love this laundry product. It's great for my pets, too, as they have such awful contact allergies. My laundry comes out so clean and fresh and without all that soapy residue from regular laundry detergent. I am soo happy that you carry this. Looking forward to trying Goji juice. "---Sandy, OH


"I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how effective your salt lamps are. I work on a computer with a dual monitor(so do the 6 people around me) 10 to 12 hours a day and was used to being completely fatigued when went home at night. Since I've placed your lamp (16-18 lb. size) in my space, my energy and focus is sticking with me. Additionally, when things get hectic and tense, I'm staying on a more even keel.

At first I chalked things up to a placebo effect, but the changes have been consistent and persistent too long for them to be anything but genuine. Thank you so much for making available such a great product. Coming soon are lamps for the living and sleeping spaces in my home."--- Sean Murphy

"I am trying to read all that I can about this wonderous salt. I am a believer. I work in front of the computer 8 hours a day - that's why I want the salt lamp - and for the first time in 3 years, I didn't have to put drops in my eyes to keep them refreshed. I am actually seeing better and am less tired as I drink the sole every morning (about three weeks now) and I see and feel the difference. I credit this to the genuine Himalayan salt and just wanted to follow with a Himalayan salt lamp - but your note makes a lot of sense and I will do some research on that as well. I may be putting in an order for one of those beautiful purple salt lamps. Thank you for taking the time to write. I really like you!!!!---Irene

"Isabella, I appreciate your prompt response and resolution to my issue. I am very pleased with the ambience and positive energy the salt crystals seem to create in my home already. I look forward to receiving the light unit for the third lamp. Thank you," Allison

"Hello, Isabella,

I am so impressed that you took the time to call me. Thank you so much. I have had a chance to try the moisturizer and I LOVE IT. I will be a regular customer looking forward to trying new things. I have just discovered the Himalayan crystal salt and have been reading all the literature I can get my hands on. What a miracle discovery!! Again, thank you for your prompt response and I wish you God's blessing!"---Irene

Thank you, Isabella, for your quick reply. It is very kind of you to send a replacement cord at no charge. I am gratified by this special consideration and most appreciative. Since you are offering me a choice I would like the dimmer cord, thank you! You have turned this into a truly positive shopping experience. and I look forward to shopping on your website in the future. "---Sharon

"Hi Isabella The blue salt lamp has arrived - love it!Thanks,"--- Lesley

"Hello Isabella,

I want to express my appreciation for yet another of your wonderful products: the Salt Pipe. I have been using it for the past few days, and my breathing seems to have gotten much deeper. I use the salt pipe when reading or listening to music and I always seem to feel much better after the session. I have recommended this item to a colleague at work who suffers from respiratory problems.

The addition of the Himalayan salt lamp to the other four has indeed improved an already perfect setting. The basement room is well illuminated, yet still retains a sacred tone. " --Dan C. IL

"Put the sauna together today, and my wife and son and I have all used it, and love it. Works great, looks great, and well constructed. Thank you for a great product. "---Mike

"Hi Isabella, my beautiful lamp arrived today and I love it. You did a good job of picking one for me. it is sitting by my bed and i will enjoy sleeping next to it tonight is it ok to leave my lamps on all the time. Seems like they would be better able to make the environment more pure if left on?? Thank you so much for the bath crystals. it was very thoughtful of you. i unfortunately do not have a tub but i shared them with a gal at work as she was having a rotten day(she was so happy to have them) and so your gift was not only a treat for me but for another also. You are sweet. Want to read up more about drinking salt crystals. it is late so will get back to you about that. Thanks again for your special attention Shar PS Thanks for the magazine too as i take mangosteen and was interested in reading about it"---Shar

"Hello Isabella,

I received the two lamps earlier than expected, and set them up in the basement. I placed the Himalayan lamp in the same room with three other lamps I purchased last year. It is amazing what one additional lamp will do. The added illumination gave the room not only a spectacular and warm glow, but I experienced a palpable improvement in my sense of well-being. These items are more than just lamps. The rare Persian Salt Lamp was a marvelous addition to another area of the basement where I practice the five Tibetan Rites for rejuvenation every morning at 5:00 AM. The lamp makes the room appear sublime and sacred. The single source of low level light allows me to focus on the spiritual exercises instead of being distracted which might occur if I used the very bright overhead light to illuminated the room. Thank you for continuing to make these products available. "---Dan C.

"I just received my second order for another salt lamp,I could not resist getting a purple/blue one. I must say it is even better looking in person as opposed to the pictures on the web site. I also appreciate the extra gifts that were included in my order and want you to know it is very much appreciated and I intend to put them to good use this evening. I love the fragrance of the soap you included and I want to give a big THANK YOU for your generosity. You have a customer for life! I also intend to send some salt lamps to my family this coming holiday season. I have to include my observation on using sole everyday.I have now used it for close to 2 months and I have to say it has made a difference in how I feel all day.It was one of the strangest experiences I have had when I first started using it. I was not sure what to expect but it gave a tingling feeling that started at the base of my spine and traveled up to the top of my head.It was like being energized! Please excuse the long winded communique but I guess I got carried away with my enthusiasm (sp)?. Thank you Isabella You havea unique line of products and I really enjoy my salt lamps."--- Thanks again, Chas.

"Dear Isabella Samovsky, Yes, I did receive the UPS tracking number and it arrived on time and in great condition. Sorry for sending this email so late. Thank you for packaging the order so well it really makes a difference. I do a lot of online shopping and many online merchants do not take the time to ensure their products a safe arrival. I LOVE the Himalayan salt lamp it is really magnificent, it seems to have a very alive energy and the air is noticeably different when I use it. The candle holders are great too. The Himalayan crystal salt stones I love using for good health. Thank you for the complimentary bath salts. Thanks again and have a happy new year! " ---Sincerely, Francine

"I love your green tea soap. Have been using it for at least 6 months now. It's been great for my hair. I don't have any scalp irritations and have had compliments on how my hair looks. Thanks. I can't wait to try your new soaps." ---Caroline

"I presently have a salt lamp now and it has really REALLY helped my husbands snoring and my congestion as well as our baby sleeping in our room's congestion. We have shared our lamp with other people and they all love it. "--- Susan B.

"Namaste' Isabella, hope all is well, and not too cold. 

I just love my electric aromatherapy burner salt lamp you sent me. I love to burn essential oils. I have 2 that uses the tea lights. But with the electric one, I have both a salt lamp and an oil burner. I have been using it since the day I received it - I have it on all day. I do put a little water in the glass saucer with the oil, maybe 2 to 3 drops of oil, and it lasts for a few hours. When it dries out, I remove the glass saucer and let it cool before adding any more water and oil, or else the glass can break, since its hot. Or warm water could be added with the oil, and that would work when the glass is still hot. When placing the saucer on the burner, after adding the water and oil, caution should be taken not to let any liquid drip in the burner because of the electric mechansim and bulb. I have had no problems and I just love my salt lamp burner. It would make a lovely gift for anyone who love essential oils. We use oils and candles all the time. It just creates such an ambiance, it cleanses the air, and everything smells sooooooooooooo good. WE LOVE YOU, ISABELLA!!! YOU ARE THE BEST. SO GLAD WE FOUND YOU AND YOUR LOVELY, HEALTHY HIMALAYAN SALT PRODUCTS. THANKS LOTS ! MAY GOD BLESS!! "--- Margie, Gus and the rest of us, from our blessed little corner of the world in Pennsylvania.

Our Simple Natural Cleaners have been tested and approved by the National Health and Wellness Club. Here are some testimonials, more coming soon.

"This is the first dish soap I have been able to use without gloves. I am very sensitive to other soaps so this was a very nice suprise. The Fruit & Veggie wash was my favorite. I was very comfortable using this on lettuce, grapes, apples, tomatoes etc. knowing that it was safe made it ok for me to feed the items to my bird. The Multi purpose cleaner can also be used in the bird cage, non-toxic is a great feature." Anita, National Health and Wellness Club Member.

" Simple Fruit & Veggie wash works well, rinses clean. Dish soap is great-no scent, rinses well, cleans effectively. I really liked it. Laundry soap was suprising! I liked the consistancy-elimintates over filling and waste of using to much product. The Multi purpose cleaner works better than 409--without the chemical smell that makes me sneeze. These are terrific products!" Alice, National Health and Wellness Club tester.

"Hi Isabella,

I recently had two Basel Cell cancer tumors removed from my forehead. The extent of removal required subsequent cosmetic surgery to cover up the rather large holes in the forehead. The surgery cut approximately 3 ½ inches and included a number of stitches.

On the day of surgery I returned home and began bathing the stitched area with your Himalayan salt and water. The following days I did the same but followed by putting your Detoxifying Mud Mask over the entire area of my forehead. The results are truly amazing.

A week later I returned to my doctor who looked at me and the first thing he said was “what did you do?” My doctor was absolutely amazed at the healing and so was I. My surgery scar in not detectable and the large removal area of the two skin cancer tumors was almost not detectable.

Today, 45 days later there is no visible sign of the incision or scaring from the removal thanks to your two products. I hope other customers of yours will try this procedure as it really works. "--Sincerely, Robert Quaid Templeton, CA

"My order arrived in great shape and I wanted to thank you for your speedy processing, your prompt reply acknowledging my order and proving a tracking number to follow shipping process. You guys are a pleasure doing business with! Merry Xmas"--Charles

"Isabella, Thank you for my beautiful Persian white lamp. It is purple and white and I absolutely love it. The texture is so pleasing. It feels wonderful just looking at it. I have ordered 2 more to give as gifts as mine is so pretty. It is very different from salt lamps I have ordered elsewhere, so lovely. I can't wait for my new order and plan to order more in the future. Thank you again for picking such a special lamp."--Suzi

"Hi, Isabella,

My box of salt lamps and salt candle holders arrived this past Friday. I finally had time to check each and every one today and, for the most part, they are in excellent condition. One of the candle holders is broken cleanly in half, however. Could you kindly send me a replacement?

I've been getting calls from family members who are receiving their salt lamps -- each and every one has been very appreciated and excited about our "unique and lovely" gift. Just thought you would like to know that you've helped make our gift-giving a hit this year! "--Take care, Sue

"Hi Isabella, I couldn't let another day pass without telling you how beautiful the Persian lamps are! My daughter and grandson are delighted to have them as nite lights in their bedrooms, leaving them on all day for the air quality benefits they provide. I also want to thank you for the issue of Better Nutrition. I've found it most informative. Additionally, your gifts of the crystal salts are greatly appreciated. It is rewarding to find a person who characterizes the genuine quality of the products offered in both service and generosity of spirit. You are as rare as your lamps!"--- Roz

"Isabella, We received the order this past Wednesday. Thank you so much for the body/shampoo bar. I washed my hair that night and purposely did not use a conditioner. It is now Saturday and my hair still has body and is very soft. Also it does not cause my skin to itch when I use it to bathe.

I am very excited to see the results the lamp will have on my health and over all being. I will keep you posted.

Thank you again for your generosity and your time on the phone. Your willingness to give out free samples to first time customers says so much about the quality of the products and you as well. I have already recommended your products to others and I am placing another order today."---Love and light. Samantha Sloane

"Dear Isabella, my salt lamps arrived a few weeks ago in perfect condition and they are very beautiful. I've also become instantly addicted to the facial mask...it really makes a visible difference in my skin after I've used it, even camouflaging the effects of nights when I haven't had much sleep!"—Deborah

"Hey Isabella... Just wanted to let you know that they arrived! Yay! and they are great! Yay! And thank you again Isabella.....I love them! "--All the best Lyndon, Australia

"Hi Isabella, I asked you to pick a couple of the Persian lamps to justify my purchase for my wife. We've had our lamps for a couple weeks now and we both enjoy their beautiful glow every night! More of these lamps will make unique, attractive gifts in the future. Thanks for you help in picking them out for me. " Aaron, St. Paul MN

"Dear Isabella, This is my second order with you and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided with my first order."--sincerely, Marie P.

"Hello Isabella, I just received the Starter Jar and was very pleased with the quality of the jar, spoon, crystals and the extra bag of salt crystals! I just added some Fiji water and am looking forward to using the sole. Also the packing was excellent. "---Bert Grimm

"Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a testimonial on the beautiful purple salt lamp. We immediately put it in our bedroom - and while I admit to sleeping well in my sleep number bed, the salt lamp just adds to it! The color is a perfect compliment in our purple bedroom too, I might add. Isabella - thank you for your knowledge and what you are doing for the world with your wonderful products. Blessings for success!"---Michelle McCarthy

"Before having the baby, my wife and I never really thought about the cleaning products we used, when I ordered your Simple all natural cleaning products home package, I was a bit skeptical, I didn't think that it would be able to clean as well as the name brand regular household cleaners we were using, I was pleasantly suprised. I also love the fact that I didn't have to open up the windows to let the chemical smell out when we cleaned, Simple cleaned the house well and didn't leave any odor. And the ftuit and veggie wash, what a great product to have, I could see the wax being washed away. Thank you"---Rob W. Chicago

"Isabella, Thank you! This is my second order and couldn't be more pleased with your products. I had so many compliments about my skin. It's truly amazing!! I don't wear foundation any more, there is no need for it and that's after just 1 week of using the skin care products. Wishing you joy and laughter. "---Terri

"Dear Isabella, Just wanted you to know that the pendant arrived on Wednesday, and it is lovely. I'm looking forward to wearing it and enjoying it. Thanks for all the help!"--- Barbara, FL

"As a Holistic Therapist, I would highly recommend using 's products. Not only does Isabella have the best quality lamps, she is very passionate and knowledgeable about salt and its healing properties. She has a "salt room" set-up with a salt brick floor, salt-lamps and Salin Device for people to experience the positive benefits themselves. I myself experienced both getting and giving a treatment in the room and I enjoyed the crisp clean air from the Salin, I felt my sinuses were more open during the time I was in the room. I have several salt lamps both in my home and office and I would highly recommend for anyone to consider adding these to their own homes and offices as a simple and effective way to change the energy in their own spaces. My clients love the soft light they emit and I enjoy working in their glow. I LOVE my lamps!"--- Nourhy Chiriboga, LMT, NCTMB Now Studio www.nourhy.com


" Isabella, hope all is well with you, and that you have an enjoyable and restful weeekend. Time has slipped away since we purchased the pendants, and just wanted to let you know how pleased we were to have received such lovely and exquisite pieces of handmade jewelry, made with life-sustaining himalayan crystal salt, and artfully wrapped in silver.The one pendant I gave as a gift to my physical therapist, and the other was a birthday gift from my daughter to her girlfriend. Both ladies just loved the pendants The two silver wrapped pendants were absolutely precious.These pendants will make lovely Christmas presents." ---Margie

Thank you Margie, for all your support, we appreciate your loyalty

"I just want to let you know package was received, all in very good condition, and well-packed. Thanks so much for the moisturizer - I used it last night for the first time, and OH, its wonderful, and a little goes a long way - its so smooth, and milky and silky. I also like the samples, they are a good size, just right for travelling, and the tea lights, so happy to find the palm oil ones, no more paraffin. Thanks so much for all your wonderful, healthy products. Have a restful weekend. "---Margie 

"Hi Isabella! 
Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for sending the "magical" blue salt lamps!!! They are so beautiful. Though they are the same color when unlit, one is a beautiful lavender and the other is a phenomenal fuscia! THANK YOU!!! I haven't had the time to try the salt scrub or the mud mask and am just starting on the book to see how I want to work-in the Himalayan salt that came with the neti pot -BTW, that's a really pretty blue one, too, and another one for my jala neti collection...- but am excited about seeing how they react to me! Thank you, again, and I will be contacting you again for more of your wonderful products." ---Namaste Elizabeth Brigitte Gaveau


Yesterday I received the around the world salt lamps collectors set that I ordered, and they are all beautiful! Thanks for the speedy delivery. "

"Hi Isabella, 
Thank you sooooooooo much for letting me know and the hand written card. You are the best!" Namaste, Sharon Seal

"Dear Isabella, 

I absolutely LOVE the lamps and nasal pot you sent! I have tried a little of the lotion and it is very, very nice as well. I have to say, the little chunky himalayan with the red color is beyond gorgeous. The Polish one is a feast for the eyes, and the tiny himalayan has already put a smile on Dad's face!:-) As always, you exceed expectations! Thanks again. " Betsy Clark

Hi Isabella...

I like my lamp very much...I love the colors in it and it's just very soothing...and unique.

Thanks again...take care, stay safe...Brenda R. Smith

"Hi Isabella, Have a Happy Birth Day . I really enjoy your product. My first time ordered from you, I bought my other two from the store but the salt rock that you sent me, it's even better. I will buy more in the future from you. And the salt rock really works for me, I can't live without it. I had a bad allergy before. Now with the salt rock I feel wonderful and I recommend your products to all my friends who have allergies. "--- Nancy

"I am so pleased with the quality of your products! Thank you. I had purchased a "discount" salt lamp recently, and the difference in the better quality of your lamp is obvious at a glance. Thanks so much! I will definitely be making more purchases in the near future ( I think I'll be doing my Christmas shopping with you!) and I will pass on recommendations to others."--Debbie Harding

"Dear Isabella, First I must tell you, I think you and your company are wonderful! It is such a treat to deal with a person who is sincere, really cares about her customers and offers such quality products and service. I am so pleased with the salt lamps I have purchased from your company. The salt lamps have really helped my boyfriend breathe easier and he has less coughing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for the extra treat of the bath salts that you added to my order. I love them. You are a blessing to this world. " Shirley M.

"I have another salt lamp I bought from a local store, but your lamps have such wonderful energy and the air feels even more energized. I love the colors and plan to give my sister one of them for our birthday so she can benefit too while she studies for her nursing degree. I also wanted to mention how impressed I am with your web site and mission statement. I have a degree in Environmental Science and am a licensed massage therapist so the health and well being of the people and the planet are extremely important to me. Thank you for supporting fair trade and sustainability." Deborah

"I am a very skeptical person. When I first saw the Salin advertised, I thought that it sounded too good to be true, but I knew that my mother was not getting enough rest due to my dad's snoring, and thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Well, they raved about it - not only did it help with my dad's snoring, but it provided my mother with relief from her allergies. I wanted to experience the Salin's benefits and ordered a unit for myself. Sleeping with the Salin in my bedroom has resulted in a remarkable improvement in my sleep (and my parter's, as I tend to snore myself). I sleep more soundly and wake more rested, and have experienced fewer colds this winter than normal (and those that I have had have been of shorter duration). I sincerely endorse this product, as well as the outstanding service I have experienced from Isabella Samovsky at natural-salt-lamps.com "--KJ Mushovic, Alaska


"Dear Isabella, I couldn't imagine that there would be such a huge difference in lamps available, I ordered several cheaper priced lamps from another company, it was a special they were having and I thought it was such an amazing deal, well later that week I went to a friends house who had also ordered lamps, 2 small ones from your company and I noticed the difference right away, the overall look and quality was soo different, the colors were deeper and your lamps had this beautiful shape. Mine that I ordered from this "special deal" were not at the least attractive after seeing yours. I also felt different around yours even after a short time at my friends house. Needless to say I will be ordering yours later for myself and referring your company to everyone I know. Even though I haven't ordered from you yet, I want to say thank you for your honesty and quality you offer, as other companies seem to say that but now I know, Im glad my friend found your company." best regards, Elizabeth, NM

"Hello friends. First, I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the Green tea body/shampoo bar I've recently purchased. I'm a 30yr old male with thinning hair and over the past 3 weeks using the shampoo bar my hair has done a 180 on the way it looks, lays and feels now. I don't know how, but it's really helped and I'm a lot happier with my hair because of it:) It works perfect with my shorter hairstyle and also works like magic with my hair products!" --Love and light, Michael

"Dear Isabella, Wow, what a week! Last Tuesday my friend gave me some crystal salt, a salt lamp and the book Water and Salt. After one week of taking sole every morning half an hour before breakfast and drinking lots of water, I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and overall feeling of health. My boss and friends have commented how smile never leaves my face. I started washing my face and brushing my with salt water. The results are simply incredible. I had the best shave of my life, my teeth are as white as snow and I have been feeling completely refreshed when I wake up. " Brian Cook Feeling incredible, almost invincible 

"I will definitely be ordering again. Your lamp is gorgeous and the quality is supreme. I smile at my purple lamp on my bedside table before falling asleep. It really is striking! Thanks again."---Elizabeth Clark

"Thank you so much. Your kindness and special attention differentiate your company from any I have dealt with in a very long time. You really made an impact on me." Thanks, Paula

"I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful Himalayan salt items you sent to me. I purchased a very special lamp from you, and any item of this sort is normally a very difficult thing for me to buy sight unseen. I'm the sort who has to SEE the actual item, touch it, feel it, hold it, etc. When speaking with you on the phone, I had requested a certain type/coloration of lamp; I was absolutely THRILLED when I unwrapped my new lamp. It was PERFECT!!!! It was exactly what I would have picked out for myself and is exactly what I had in mind. It now has a happy home in my bedroom and after only a few days, is starting to affect me noticeably. The air really DOES feel, and even LOOK much purer and cleaner. It's almost hard to adjust to, as it's almost too easy to breathe now, and I'm not used to it. Life in my apartment now feels much like the adjustments a body has to make when living at high altitude in clean mountain air. Also, I am sleeping much better, deeper and more soundly than I have in many months. I'm dreaming again, and the dreams are quite vivid. Even my recall of the dreams has improved immensely. I feel so much more at peace, more balanced. The anxiety and depression and all around lack of balance I've been dealing with for way too long now is all starting to fall away, and I'm nothing short of AMAZED at this, and how quickly it is happening! I'm so glad I found your website, and I plan to purchase more lamps and other salt products in the near future. I was also in awe of the mud mask. WOW! After using it just one time, it was like I had a brand new face. Even a couple days later, I am not even wearing any makeup or ANYTHING on my face because my skin looks fabulous, radiant and glowy. The expression lines --sun damage-- seemed to disappear completely. My skin is much tighter now, but doesn't FEEL tight. It feels great, like I have new skin. I'm also impressed with the sole solution I've started to take. It seems to be helping as well. I do seem to have much more energy and a feeling of well-being. You included a gift of the bath crystal salts in my package; that was a lovely surprise and much appreciated. I used those and LOVED them! I am now hooked on salt. The stuff really does work."--Best Wishes, Gretchen

"I just wanted to say that I received my Persian (Off-White) lamp and love it! So much so, that I want another one in the largest size offered! And the surprise candle holder gift you included was an unexpected delight. I've already used it many times. Thank you again. These lamps give my home an enchanting ambiance." - Isa McRae

"Hi! I received my second order of salt lamps and salt. They are so beautiful!!!I have one in my bedroom and it really helps me and my husband sleep better. I have much less congestion and he has less problems with apnea. We love it! I bought each of my parents one and one for each of my children as Christmas presents. Thank you for the complimentary bath salt. My two youngest had fun dissolving them in the bath."--E.Dash

"I want to emphasized how pleased I am with the globe. It's fascinating. It also arrived on my birthday, which was really neat because I forgot I placed the order. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. " Thanks again, Lynn

"Isabella, I'm sorry for waiting so long, but I wanted to thank you for your help. I received the light unit, and I am able to use my lamp now! It is terrific, and I can't wait to buy additional ones! Thanks again for your help, I am SO pleased with the product AND the service. You are wonderful!" All the best, Susan

"Hi Isabella, thank you very much for your quick handling of my order. I like the salinizer so much I'm telling everybody how great it is and how much it helps my son to deal with his sever asthma."--Thanks and regards, Gudrun

"Hi Isabella, The lamp is really beautiful, I just love it! Thank you also for the bag of bath salts. I so appreciate your generosity!

I got the lamp and bath salts a few days ago and I've been testing first with my employee who gets stressed sometimes, having to talk on the phone all day to customers and clients, trouble shoot and solve problems, etc. She's very sensitive, so I thought it good to start with her. She says she feels calmer with the lamp turned on, which is GREAT. It's sitting right next to her computer. So far so good!"--Best, Mary

"Isabella, good evening., I received my order today, all came well, and thanks for finding the small blue persian, I already have it in my bathroom, and whenever I travel, I will sure take it with me, just the right size. I also tried the body scrub, this evening, ohh, its awesome, and the smell of the oils very refreshing and stimulating. "--Margie

"Hi. I decided I won’t be returning it after all lol. It’s a very special lamp and I LOVE IT!!! Since I’ve had it my allergies have really cleared up, it’s amazing. The reason why I was thinking about returning it before was because the same day I got it I plugged it in, and then I guess I got into some dust and got kinda sick allergy wise. And I really thought it was the lamp. So I decided to try it again one more day to see what would happen. And I’m glad I tried it out again. Its great and so pretty. OH! and my sleep has improved tremendously, I’ve got that lavender (Persian) one to help with the sleep. It’s awesome. "

"Dear Isabella:  I just absolutely love the salt lamps. I have chronic bronchitis and really feel that the lamps have helped my condition. In fact I just got back from a doctor check up and he said my lungs sounded great.. " Sincerely, Ruth Gogoj

"Thanks again, and you’ve got a great store. Ill be ordering more in the near future for sure!!" –Odessa

Himalayan Salt Lamps 
I received one of the Himalayan lamps and the effect is stunning. My niece gave me one cause she thought it was "weird" and I would enjoy it for Christmas. Well, plugged it in, left it on overnight and the next morning I knew the instant I awoke the air was different. There is a clarity to the air that is actually visible! My sleep has been deeper and different...a welcome difference...I am completely shocked by the response of the environment and me to this lamp." H.Wilson

"I love my lamp.......It adds a warmth to my room like no other.....It feels good........It is a conversation piece .......AMAZING........"Deedee

"I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt shipment. First time on your site & I go hog wild! -- "Around the World gift set", "Candle & Bath gift set", "salt pillow" & "Large Salt lamp". What fun to unpack that box! Thank you for the extra salts too -- we've used them 3 times already in the bath. I've heard of salt lamps, seen them & have admired, but never knew the benefits. It was interesting to read and a good sales pitch! One, (I think it was the Polish one? -- can't tell the difference!) I plugged in & turned on in the bathroom immediately. I have a 100+yr old house which can be musty at times, & a cat litter box in that bathroom. I came in an hour later & it was like the room had been neutralized! How very strange & utterly cool! Thank you again! (& a special thanks to Isabella for all of her initial communication)" Terra Hulett

"Hi Isabella, I received my shipment of your Original Himalayan Salt Crystals yesterday. They are beautiful pink crystals, and packaged so nicely in unbleached muslin bags. I made a sole solution and drank it and within 2 hours a feeling of peace and serenity overwhelmed me! I enjoyed talking to you and will order from you exclusively! My guests are going to love these salts!!!! And, thank you for the generous sample of your bath salts!" Sincerely, Susan of Tisbury's Inn

"Isabella, Thank you so much for shipping my sister's birthday lamp. She absolutely loves it! Thank you as well for my tea light candle holder. What a wonderful suprise! I use it all the time. Thank you once again, I'm telling all my friends about your wonderful products." Kristi

"I enjoyed talking to you also, I am thrilled with the lamp. It is beautiful. It looks like sunrise on the Himalayas. The merchandise was exactly as represented and arrived promptly. happy holidays to you also."--Ruth de Larios

"The first time I tasted the salt, it felt like I had finally found something my body had been craving my entire life. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and after just two days using the salt, a finger that I have not been able to bend for years suddenly straightened out, and now feels totally normal! Since being on this salt, I have more energy, I feel more alert, and in general I have more of a sense of satisfaction and well-being."

"Dear Isabella, I received my order today. The Persian candleholder (s) are amazing! You have NO idea how you touched my heart to include the gift of the additional Persian candleholder. I was just lamenting to my husband that it seems that so many businesses are so lackadaisical and shoddy these days and not too honest. Lo and behold, I got my order and not only was everything perfect, you improved on perfection by being kind enough to include a much appreciated surprise. I really am honored and thankful! I have my purple tealight holders lit now, they are lovely, and I am in a terrific mood that there are people as nice as you and companies as wonderful as yours! I am just sorry I didn't find you sooner! Most sincerely,"--Elizabeth C.

"after using the salt pipe for a few weeks my son's breathing is much better, he has chronic asthma and has experienced a lot of relief with it" Frances M.

Skin Care is a treasure discovered. The products are extremely soothing to your mind as well as your body! The Bath Salt Scrub is fantastic. I believe the energy of the salts is palpable. I also use the Mud with frequency. I love to put it on my face during my salt bath. My face feels so soft smooth when I am finished. I also use the mud on blemishes. I am told it is good for any sores or muscle pains, but so far I have only used it on facial blemishes. It is amazing!! It will quiet and diminish any blemish almost instantly. At night I have been using the facial lotion. Again, it makes my face feel great. It feels thoroughly moisturized, but not oily in the least. The products somehow make everything feel more balanced, like they are getting exactly what they need. I feel fortunate to have discovered Soothing Souls. I hope my humble opinion may encourage others to treat themselves to the powers of these products"-- Susan Wise

"I received my order this week and have been using the 16 x 10 back Therapeutic Pillow every night. I heat it as directed, put it under my low back, and go to sleep. It is difficult to describe the wonderful results. With low back pain, it is usually worse in the morning. Now, I wake up with my back feeling better than it has in years. Also, it is very comfortable, surprisingly so, with no problem sleeping on it all night. AND, I appreciate the Organic cotton cover, as it adds to the high quality of the product. I LOVE it."--- Jean Jones, natural health practitioner


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