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Wholesale Exceptional Quality Salt Lamps & Himalayan Salt Infused Health & Wellness Products

Fair Trade, Highest Quality, Sustainable So Well Wholesale Salt Lamp Collection and over 200 + Himalayan Salt Infused Products

Do you have a specialty retail store, wellness center or spa? And would like to introduce your customers to beautiful, healthful and fair trade salt lamps?

Our clientele includes Ritz Carlton, Grand Geneva and other high quality stores and spas that will only offer the very best for their clients, that’s why they come to Solay Wellness for their wholesale salt lamps and salt wellness products.

We only import the highest quality Salt Crystal Lamps designed by us. And yes there is a HUGE difference in quality, like the famous saying: you get what you pay for- all other companies claim "they are the best"  but nobody has the quality and selection we do.

Our Salt lamp is packed in a recyclable box with an inside reusable plastic bag. No environmental waste. And comes with a full color care instruction, Ul tested Dimmer cord (customers love) and a 15 watt light bulb.

Low Minimums, Mix and Match

You can mix and match a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and products and we can help you decide the best product mix for your business.

If you’re looking to get into the business of buying wholesale and selling salt lamps and Himalayan salt beauty care, home goods, salt therapy products and are truly interested in offering the best, Call or email us today. Only So Well has the selection and designs unique to the market and never sold in Big Box stores.

We also have "Perks" for all of our wholesale clients you will get.

Why buy wholesale from us?

Guidance- we have had our own 2 stores and salt rooms since 2005.

Superior Quality – we specialize in this, no other way for us.

Service- we will always be available to talk and we ship your orders quick

90 Day Guarantee- because we know your customers will love our products

Beautiful Displays- hand built locally, unique and sustainable

Literature- professional, fun and informative

Web Support- listed on our national website and email.

Contact us by phone at 847-676-5571 or use our Contact Form below.